garlic noodle recipe

Christian and I got takeout when we had first moved to San Francisco, and one of the popular dishes on the menu was garlic noodles so we got it.  We were both surprised that while we had all of these super flavorful dishes, it was the simplistic and delicious garlic noodles we cleared by the end of the dinner.

And the best news is that garlic noodles are crazy easy to make at home!  I’ve been looking at different recipes, and below is the one I like the most.

easy garlic noodle recipe

Garlic Noodles, serves 4


16 oz spaghetti pasta

1/2 package of green onions

4 TB butter

8 garlic gloves, minced

1 tsp sesame oil

4 tsp soy sauce or coconut aminos

1.5 TB brown sugar

3 to 4 TB oyster sauce

salt, to taste


Boil noodles and follow directions on package.  Combine sesame oil, soy sauce, brown sugar and oyster sauce. Set aside.  Drain the noodles and use the same pot to melt the butter.  Add the garlic and green onions until fragrant.  Combine all ingredients and garnish with salt and green onions.

garlic noodles

It’s seriously SO easy.  I will whip this up on a lazy Sunday night or you can serve with a green salad to get your greens in.  You could also add sautéed shrimp or grilled chicken if you wanted to add some protein.  But be careful… I can easily eat too many noodles.  It’s dangerous!

Do you have a favorite 15-20 minute pasta dish? I’d love to hear any tips.  Truth be told, I love anything with spaghetti noodles.  Christian’s an angel hair person and we argue over it a little too often.  Seriously!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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12 thoughts on “Easy Garlic Noodles

  1. Can’t wait to try this! I LOVE garlic and noodles. One question about the recipe – are the garlic cloves left whole or minced?

  2. Oh man..these look dangerous! I have been making this pasta dish for awhile that’s so easy. I make 16oz of penne pasta, then while the water is boiling, I sautee mushrooms and italian chicken sausage (5-6 links), then I add 1 package of cherry tomatoes cut in half. Then add 1/2 jar of marinara and simmer until hot. While that’s all cooking, I put a jar of black olives in a bowl and then put 3-4 cups of spinach. Once pasta is cooked, drain and throw on spinach and olives. Then put marinara mix on top and mix together. Add some olive oil and feta or parmesan if you want. We don’t do the cheese, but it would make it better (I just can’t eat it). Seems like a lot of steps and you can skip the sauteing of veggies, but I like the addition of mushrooms!! Let me know if you try it!

  3. Oh my goodness, my mouth is WATERING. I am so so excited to try this recipe – thank you for sharing! xo

  4. I am not a big pasta person but I do love garlic noodles and spaghetti. It’s the only two pasta I will eat in a heartbeat. This recipe looks really easy to follow and I can’t wait to try it with shrimp. It’s been awhile since I have had this two combo together, I can’t wait!

    Maureen |

  5. I have made this twice since you posted it. So good! Making it with zucchini noodles tonight for a lighter carb option. Thanks so much for sharing it.

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