black plant stand

– our first few days in our new home –

lab rolling in the grasstripawd cat

– introducing our pets to their new backyard –

black mascara

– product testing the full mascara line from Lancome (for big, thick lashes I’ve always loved this one) –


– treats from all of our sweet neighbors –

ginger jars on shelves

– finally getting to use my ginger jars that have been in storage for years –

Happy Friday!  I’m getting this post up a little later than usual because I’ve lost all track of time this week.  A doozy, but in the best way!  We drove to Georgia Monday, I showed Christian our empty house for the first time, and movers arrived Tuesday morning.

Since then, we’ve been in a sea of boxes and packing paper trying to see where all of our things are that were packed up two weeks ago.  I am so thankful our packers did such a great job, but I will say that the massive amounts of packing paper has made unpacking slower than ever.  It’s totally fine because we definitely don’t plan to move for quite some time, but it just means we’ve made less progress than I anticipated at this point.  But that’s ok!  I know once we are unpacked and settling in, it will be fabulous.  We will get there bit by bit!

We have been slow to rise and working until midnight each night until collapsing in bed, but I’m so grateful to have Christian by my side this time.  Usually I am handing this part solo while still trying to keep up with work.  It’s a MAJOR difference to have two people after it rather than one, so that is a huge upgrade.

We did take a little break yesterday to run some errands and were given a parking pass by some new friends to watch the fireworks show at the country club for the holiday.  How nice is that!?  And it was amazing!  Everyone we have met has been so incredibly welcoming, helpful and friendly.  It makes us feel really confident that this city and home that it was the right choice for us.

Some of my favorite sales happening this weekend are:

A&F | 50% off through 7/8

Anthropologie | extra 50% off sale items

Express | 50% off everything

GAP | 40-75% off tons of styles

J.Crew | 40% off full-price styles + 50% off sale styles with code FIREWORKS

Lulu & Georgia | 25% off sale styles with code JULY25

Macy’s | 25% off + free shipping at $75 with code FOURTH (ends 7/7)

Madewell | 25% off summer must-haves with code FIREWORK (ends 7/8)

Mark & Graham | 20% off everything + free shipping with code FIREWORKS

Pottery Barn | 15% off $100 or more, 20% off $500 or more, 25% off $1000 or more with code SAVEMORE

Serena & Lily | 20% off everything with code GOCOASTAL

Yumi Kim | extra 30% off sale styles with code FIREWORKS

I definitely plan to try to take advantage of the home decor sales and grab some counter stools for our kitchen.

Thank you so much for reading and checking in, and I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend!  Mom’s tomato pie recipe is coming next week and trust me, you want in.  It’s so good.  Big hugs xo –

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14 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Move In Week

  1. Always love your Friday Five, Kathleen! I’ve been keeping up with your IG Stories and it looks like it’s been such a fun process! Can’t wait to see how life treats you in your new stunning home!!

    Love from England!

    I hope you have a great Friday,

  2. I still cannot get over all of the treats your neighbors brought you- the sweetest!! Welcome home, gf!

  3. So happy for you and Christian!! Few pics we’ve seen of your new place look gorgeous! Random question , what kind of plant is that by the fireplace, the one with the long stand?

  4. OMGosh Kathleen, I’m feeling you with this move. I’m from NC, husband is former Air Force, lived in lots of cool
    places, but we’ve just built our forever home in Wilmington, NC. Our most recent move was from DC where we lived for over 5 years where we only had a handful of friends. Moving back to the South has changed me completely, as in I forgot that I was even a nice person. It’s been so long since people were friendly, nice and forthcoming with all
    kinds of info. I’m the happiest I’ve been in many years! I am so happy for you that are feeling the same joys of living in the South again. I wish you many happy hours in the sun, many block parties, lots of new and darling
    friends, hours with Christian make new memories. You’ve been such a trooper! Enjoy your house and I can’t wait to see it all and what you will do with it! Much love to you! And a big hug from a Southern Sister!

    1. June! Thank you so much for this sweet and encouraging note! I had to laugh when you said you “forgot that you were a nice person.” Christian and I keep joking we need to brush up on our Southern friendliness! We loved our time in SoCal but I can’t deny it feels great to be closer to our families. Big hugs to you and thank you so much for this sweet support! XO –

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful new home! Can’t wait to see and read more about this new chapter of life.

  6. Im so glad that you are back in the south! i have been following you for awhile and much like many of your followers, i feel like ive known you for years, even though weve never met. anyway, one of my fella’s best friends is a neurosurgeon in athens, though im not sure which hospital. anyway, i feel like i should connect you to him and his wife. his name is Neil Woodall and his sweet wife is Anneliese. they are our age (30-36 age range) and im sure you would like them. let me know if you want me to connect you and i can send you their contact info. happy unpacking!

    1. Thank you so much for this sweetness, Barbi! We really loved our time in Southern California, but I can’t deny that it does feel so easy and comforting to be closer to where we grew up. So appreciate this kindness!

  7. Welcome to ATH!
    I see y’all are trying different churches, I highly recommend Athens Church. My husband and I have gone many times and loved it! We recently (1year ago) moved back to our hometown in Savannah and there is another satellite church here.
    One last recommendation- try LRGprovisions in 5 points! They are amazing and everything on the menu is great. Brunch is fabulous!


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