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I recently used my Rent the Runway Unlimited membership to pick three dresses and one pair of earrings to take with me to Alys Beach for our family trip.  Now that I’m in my second trimester, I updated my profile sizing to pieces that would work for the bump.  I searched for casual daytime dresses that were available in my size in July and voila!  Snagged four fresh pieces.

I wanted to share my RTR Unlimited experience with you guys because depending on what kind of shopper/fashionista you are, it has serious potential to save you thousands upon thousands of dollars a year if you use the program wisely.

With the Unlimited program, you can select up to 4 pieces at a time.  When you’re over one of them, send it back for free to swap for another.  Items come in two business days and the dry cleaning and insurance is taken care of.  So select it, wear it, send it back via UPS at no cost. They also have drop-off options at different WeWork locations which is super convenient if you work at one of these office spaces.  Also, if you fall in love with an item you can hold onto it for as long as you like or you also have the option to buy it at a discount to keep!

You can browse their website for new pieces or you can shop via their app – whichever is easier for you.  If you love to try new designers and wear luxe items, this is an incredible option to keep your closet in a fresh rotation.  

I know so many women who started using RTR and now say they literally don’t shop anymore.  Seriously! I’m trying to see if I can become one of those people… you might have seen this dress on Instagram which was also a rental.

flamingo earringspolene bucket bagstraw bucket bagwoven sandalsgold chainlink braceletalys beach floridagreen maxi dressandre assous sandalselizabeth cole earringsstraw bucket bagalys beach floridarent the runway unlimited

photos by Christian Barnes

dress, also love this one and this one | love these earrings and these earrings

When I shared that I was using RTR Unlimited a while back on my Instagram Stories, I loved hearing how many of you also utilize the program!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and if it’s been a fit for you.

You can get $100 off your first two month membership of RTR Unlimited with the code RTRKATHLEEN – that’s $50 off each month!

If you haven’t tried renting pieces before, is it something you could see yourself using?

Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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10 thoughts on “Wardrobe Renting vs. Buying: Which is for you?

  1. Congrats on the baby!!! How exciting. Love the look. Can you tell us where the gold bracelets are from?

  2. I love RTR! I only rent when I have a wedding or fancy event to go to. So easy and fun to wear something high end and different every time.

    1. Makes SO much sense for weddings. Like… who really needs to invest $500 in a cocktail dress you only wear a few times a year?

  3. RTR is my jam. I’m all about it for a special occasion or an event. My birthday is coming up and I’ve been perusing their site so much to find an outfit. I rarely by special occasion dresses anymore.

    1. I totally think if you can commit to actively using it, it can be a total game changer. Love that – and happy early bday!

  4. I first tried RTR a year ago for a black tie event and them used it again this year for a wedding. I now have RTR Unlimited and have fallen in love with a jumpsuit and a tangerine colored designer bag..both of which I may need to keep. The customer service is fab and it’s fun shopping for new items.

  5. You look beautiful!

    I started using RTR Unlimited during the time leading up to my wedding – it was great for the events like bachelorette party, showers, even to honeymoon. I convinced my then fiance that it was the smart budget move, and that I would cancel it following the honeymoon. I thought during that time it would show him what a money saver it was, and convince him I should keep it forever! 😉 However, I had no problem cancelling it after those events died down: (1) The inventory is limited. The pieces I most wanted to try never seemed to be available; (2) unless you have a good amount of events happening, it’s hard to justify the cost.

    I will say, it is a fun way to try trendy pieces that won’t be closet staples – you get to try things without the commitment.

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