I can’t believe that next week is Christmas.  I know I have a three week old, but I am so behind on gifts for family.  So much so that it is top of list today to get some of those orders in before it’s too late!

I’ve shared gift guides in the “holiday” page of this site (at the top in pink), including picks for her, for him and friends.  Today I wanted to share a few picks for the home decor lover and why.

Shop the pieces by clicking directly on the collage or finding its associated number at the bottom of the collage!

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I shared here that I can’t get enough of our SodaStream.  I love it and use it far more than I thought I would.  This would be such a great gift for anyone who is a Diet Coke fan.  Some help to break the habit!

This tumbler can be used as a vase and adds a pop to any arrangement.  I also love, love our tea kettle and think it makes such a kitchen statement.

I’ve shared how much fun we have with our Furbo.  A great pick for the pet lover!

I have this coffee table book and love it.  I was recently at a Dirty Santa party and there were two coffee table books in the lineup.  They were some of the most coveted items at the party reminding me what a great gift they are.

This blanket is so incredibly soft, it is bound to be your favorite.  And it’s 25% off right now!

We love board games, and I think it’s such a fun gift for an individual or family.  Our most reached for games are the ones above.

If you have given or received any great home gifts, I’d love to hear what they were!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing.  If you’re also behind on your gifting… get on it this week, girl! XO –

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