I’ve shared my gift guide picks for girlfriends + coworkers here and my gift guide for the ladies under $100 here, but I wanted to share some of my picks for the boys!  You can also find all of my gifting selects in the “holiday” section at the top of this site from both this year and years past.

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The guys always seem to be the most difficult to shop for.  So I always try to put together some of my top picks and why.

Pajamas | I know a lot of guys don’t dig pj’s, but it’s important to have a decent set for travel, staying with in-laws, etc.  I love this pair for the holidays.  My brother has this onesie and brings it out every Christmas… it takes a particular personality though!

Fresh Clothes | You can’t beat a Christmas plaid, and I think a chambray goes with everything.  Christian wears his all the time.

Tech Goods | These AirPod Pros are supposedly noise-cancelling which is incredible.  A heavy duty charging cable is a car and travel staple.  We both love our bluetooth speakers, and a great speaker will last forever!

Slippers | Christian wore these for years and years.  This pair also looks super comfy.

A Book About one of their Hobbies | In the past few years Christian has picked up an interest in fishing.  Regardless of the specific activity, a pretty book about their favorite or latest hobby (grilling, golf, tennis, etc.) is always a great gift.

Anything Yeti | We have so many Yeti pieces in our house and I really love them.  They do such a great job of keeping things hot and cold, and as a new mom… I now appreciate them even more.

A Growler | If you have a craft beer lover in your life, a cool growler is a fun gift!

A Great Vest or Outerwear | Christian is all about the vests, and honestly, I am too.  They look so cute layered on top of shirts or even sweaters.  A great one will last years and years.

You can see past gift guys for the dudes here and here.  If you have bought your s/o anything that they really loved, please share in the comments!  We all love some fresh ideas.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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  1. Patrick and his red onsie pjs…….makes me happy just thinking about that! Lots of good ideas on your list. The Air pods are a great gift, your father loves the ones you gave him.

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