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I am so excited to share Hudson’s room with you guys!  It’s probably the most special room in our house because it was my first time looking at cribs, rockers, baby toys, etc.  A completely new kind of project but so much fun.

I worked on this space with Pottery Barn Kids… and no one does a sweeter nursery than Pottery Barn.  They have so many beautiful children’s pieces – everything from cribs and bookshelves to swaddles, play mats, travel cribs, baby carriers – the list goes on.

The crib, dresser and glider are all Greenguard Gold Certified.  This means that they are made from sustainably sourced, chemical-free materials.  These products are screened for more than 10,000 chemicals that are known to pollute the air in your home.  This is something I hadn’t considered until I started reading about it and now I can’t stop thinking about it!  When you look at items on the PBK site you’ll see little stamps showing you what is fair trade and Greenguard Gold Certified.

I’m breaking down where every single item is from below.  I also wanted to share my vision for the room before we started!  This room is at the end of the hallway upstairs.  My thoughts were that it would remain the nursery for all of our children.  I wanted all of the big items to be gender-neutral, with a few splashes of blue throughout.  This way when Hudson is old enough to sleep in a bigger bed we can move the Babar art and blue rug with him and leave the rest for the next baby.

Pottery Barn has so many gender-neutral items that it made pulling this room together so easy.  I love how we carry the animal theme throughout the room not only with stuffed animals and art, but also with books, play mats, this quilt, organic bedding and changing pad covers.

nursery revealgray sweater dressblythe bookcasebabar printsmerced glider and ottomanblythe dresserubbi diaper pailbaby blue sleeperbaby nameplatesweater dressgiraffe basketblue star rugwhite nursery dresserivory nursery gliderwhite air diffuserbaby sweaternursery teddy bearwhite blackout curtainspottery barn mobileblue nursery rugbabar framed printspottery barn blythe dressermerced glider and ottomannewborn baby boywhite baby boy cribherend baby shoegray sweater dresspottery barn rocker

photos by Viva Lux Photography

dress | earrings | crib | mobile | starry rug | sheepskin | faux plantglider + ottoman | gold frames | humidifier | dresser | horse changing pad coverelephant changing pad cover | wipe warmerblackout curtains | mirror | diaper pail | laundry basket | bookcase | letter board | giraffe basket | nightlight | sound machine | giraffe frame set | play mat | giraffe stuffed animal | baby name plate – a hand-painted gift | fawn rocker | chandelier | Miku Baby Monitor | baby bath wrap | fawn stuffed animal | frames for prints | prints – purchased at a market in Europe

You can also find all of the pieces here!

I spend so much time in this little room.  It’s such a happy place to walk into each time I feed Hudson and get him dressed for the day or bedtime.  I know there are going to be so many memories made here, and I can’t wait to watch him grow into it.

Thank you so much for reading! XO –

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50 thoughts on “Hudson’s Nursery Reveal

  1. Gorgeous! Are the walls white or a really light beige? (care to share the color?) The light changes the color and I’m struggling with all white walls or to go with something a bit warmer. Your nursery still feels homey while also feeling “clean” if that makes sense. 🙂

  2. Such a gorgeous nursery!! Starting to work on ours and will be using this as inspo so thank you for sharing! What fabric / color did you go with for the Glider/Ottoman? Thanks!

  3. Love the nursery! Can you share where you got the ribbon for the giraffe with Hudson’s name?

  4. Gorgeous room! What advice do you have for someone who doesn’t have the most spacious nursery? Which items are essential, maximizing space, and room set up?

    1. Oh gosh… well we use everything in here every single day. So far – I would say a crib, changing table, rocker/glider and some kind of book storage is most important.

  5. Hi! Have you used your Miku baby monitor at all? And does it have a handheld device to watch from or do you just use the app on your phone? Trying to decide it it’s worth the splurge.

  6. Such a sweet nursery!! I have been thinking of putting a similar light fixture in my daughter’s room, but I’m hesitant to because I’m afraid it will cast all kinds of crazy shadows! Have you found this light to be particularly dark or shadowy when there’s no natural light coming in?

  7. IN LOVE with this nursery! I’m expecting a baby boy in June and would really like to do a light fixture similar to the one you chose. My only concern is that it’ll be too low and my husband will his his head. Was this a concern for you or did you just be sure you bought one that wouldn’t hang too low? Weird question, I know, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thought this. Congratulations again! Hudson is just perfect

    1. I think this depends on the height of your ceiling with your light fixture measurements. So I would just measure it out and see if it works with your height/your husband’s height.

  8. Beautiful photos and nursery! Any recommendations for organizing the dresser/changing table drawers or baby clothes in the closet??

  9. It looks amazing! I’m always super paranoid to hang anything on the walls by my little one’s crib or changing pad but I love the look. What did you do (if anything) to reinforce hanging items? Thank you!

  10. Hi! I’m due in 6 weeks and we’re wrapping up the nursery soon! How do you like the PBK black our curtains? We were going to go the custom route but I feel like I’d rather be more cost effective for the baby’s space and these seem great! What length did y’all use? Do they function well and lastly do they look that good in person? Thanks so much! Love your blog!

    1. We love them! Although I wouldn’t consider myself a blackout curtain guru. I’m cool with any blackout just to help the baby nap better –

  11. Do you have a post of nursery essentials, what your sister came to help you with? How many swaddles, onesies etc.?

    1. I think this really depends on how much space you have, the size of your baby when they’re born (are they 6 lbs and fit into newborn or 9 lbs and straight into 0-3, etc.), but The Bump has a great guide here.

  12. So beautiful! I’ve been thinking about getting this rocker/ glider. Is it comfy?? Would you recommend it??

  13. So beautiful!! I’ve been thinking about getting this same glider- is it comfortable?? Would you recommend it?? Thank you!!

  14. Love, love, love Hudson’s nursery! This is so classic and so beautiful. I too was very impressed by Pottery Barn’s greenguard gold certified products and purchased PB kids furniture for my babe’s nursery as well. I do have a question on that for you. I also purchased one of their cream colored gliders, are you planning on treating this with any type of baby safe stain protectant? Do you have any recommendations for that?

    Congrats on your sweet Hudson, and thank you for sharing little snippets of your life with us all. You are truly my favorite blogger and I so appreciate all the time you put into your blog posts and insta stories, you’re my number 1 resource for basically all the things!! Thank you for all you do!!

    1. Thank you so much for these incredibly kind words and for your support, Kristen! I don’t know much about stain protectant or chemical-free ones, I just treat stains with this cleaner (so far!).

  15. Any tips and suggestions on how we can re-create the name plate? It’s stunning. I think you mentioned your mother or MIL painted it. Very beautiful

  16. Congrats from one ol’ mom to a new mom. I know how hard it is and the crazy adjustments you have made. Bless you and your beautiful journey in parenthood. My advice….Set aside a snippet of time for you everyday.

  17. No surprise, your nursery is beautiful! I’m also buying my nursery furniture from PB, and am curious why you mixed the Ava crib with the Blythe furniture? Was this just a personal preference? We’re having a girl, and I also like the Ava crib, but now I’m torn between getting the matching Ava furniture or mixing it with the Blythe furniture like you did. Just curious what lead you to your decision! Thanks, it’s been so fun following you during this time!

    1. Congratulations! I just picked pieces I liked that would arrive before his due date rather than one full collection. There’s no right or wrong way –

  18. Any idea how tall your ceilings are? trying to figure out if the light fixture drop would be too much for our ceiling height.

  19. Lovely! What size are the frames with the Paris prints? I saw them linked but there are a variety of sizes. Thank you!

    1. I’m not sure! Framebridge framed them for me based on the print size. It’s more important to pick the frame size that works best with what you’re having framed.

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