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By popular demand, I’m sharing what I packed for the hospital!  I polled you guys on Instagram if you wanted to see the items we used or both the items we used and didn’t use, and everyone said both.  So here we are.

If you’re one of the 5 or fewer men that read this blog occasionally… you might want to skip the below.  This is a post for the ladies and could be read as TMI if it doesn’t pertain to you!  That’s your warning.

I used my MZ Wallace bags for the hospital and per usual, they were amazing.  These bags weigh nothing, can be wiped down easily and hold SO much.  I love, love, love them and plan on using them for Hudson’s diaper bag as well with a ToteSavvy insert.

For Me | Packed and Needed:

Two pairs of comfortable pajamas that button (for feeding)



Nursing Bras + Nipple Cream + Nipple Gel Pads (I used these more at home)

Large towel wrap and loofah – the ones in the hospital are thin and very small.  Your own towel will feel like a luxury!

Shower shoes/flip flops

Toiletries + Makeup + Chapsticks + Shampoo/Conditioner

Ponytail holders, hair clips, dry shampoo

Prenatal Vitamins

Pillow + Colored Pillowcase – so you know which one is yours

Baby Book for Footprints


Computer + Charger

Cell Phone Charger with long cord

Night Light

A going home outfit – you may or may not want to match your bambino!

At home I also had and used this underwear and this postpartum belt.  I also use and love this breastfeeding pillow!

For Me | Packed but Didn’t Need:

Large Mug + Straw – the hospital provided one

Blankets – our room wasn’t cold, if anything it was warm so I definitely didn’t need this

Socks – I opted for slippers

Pads – hospital provided them

Squirt Bottlehospital provided and I liked theirs better

Perineal Cold Packshospital provided “padsicles” that are way better than these.  They taught me how to make them for the first few days home.  Soak a pad in water and then fold up, ringing out excess water.  Layer them flat with wax paper between layers and stick them in the freezer.  These end up being much more absorbent than the cold packs.

Snacks – I had brought all of these snacks because I had been told I’d be starving, etc.  I barely touched them.  I felt like the hospital was always bringing me food and water.  Christian also hopped out to pick up food a few times.  We barely touched the bag.  That being said, I did arrive at the hospital 8cm dilated, so we didn’t have a lot of chill time prior to delivery.  Better safe than sorry, but I just wanted to be honest that we didn’t up needing this!  

**This being said, hospitals will feed you but some do not necessarily feed your partner meals.  Christian has employee privileges at the hospital where I delivered so he could go to the lounge or grab food quickly nearby.  BUT, I didn’t realize this and thought it might be helpful to know!**

baby boy nursery

For Baby: 

A few going home outfits

Baby Hats

Baby Blankets

Baby Socks

Pacifiers these are Hudson’s favorite


For Partner:

Ear Plugs

Pillow + Colored Pillowcase

2-3 Changes of Clothes



Sweatshirt, Blanket


hospital packing list

 nameplate necklace | H necklace | sweater (old), similar style here (on sale) | denim – I sized up one size (on sale) | leopard bag | large bag | nursery room reveal here with room items linked!

And there you have it!  We stayed in the hospital two nights, and I definitely packed too much stuff.  But even looking back, better to have it and not use it than need it and have to send out for it.

When we left, the hospital sent us with a swaddle, pacifier and lots of things for me – extra squirt bottle, mesh underwear, pads, etc.  Take these!  They have plenty and they can’t repurpose them from your room.  You’ll use them at home.

I hope this list will be helpful to you if a hospital stay is in your future!  This was my first time ever spending the night in a hospital, so I certainly learned a lot.  I’m immensely thankful to the doctors and nurses who made our stay so comfortable.  I look back on Hudson’s delivery as the most wonderful experience (more on that here), and feel endlessly grateful for our time there.

If you packed something that’s not on this list that was helpful, please let me know in the comments!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing.  And you can see my maternity must-haves here! XO –

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14 thoughts on “Hospital Bag Packing List | What I Used and Didn’t Use

  1. I found that having a sleep mask and a fan was super helpful! A sleep mask to keep out the outside light (since the blinds didn’t keep things that dark) and a fan to keep the room cool and hallway noise to a minimum. Great post!

    1. I also agree that bringing an eye mask was critical for me. I was able to nod off pretty quickly whenever the baby slept so I think it helped me get more rest overall. Personally, I LOVE the Fridababy momwasher and consider it an essential piece of equipment so I guess this is personal preference. Great post!

      1. I agree! The frida bottle was absolutely amazing and my hospital one was horrible!!‍♀️

  2. This is a great list. With my first, I took a robe and used it and was constantly hot, button pajamas (even if you only use the top) would be a great alternative! Also, if you plan to do newborn photos offered by the hospital, consider a solid swaddle. I didn’t even know this was a think, we had an Aden and annais (so?) swaddle that we’re super popular at the time, but in all her photos there is a bright pink elephant right under her face overall, the hospital has most absolute essentials and will help you out if you forget something, don’t hesitate to ask!

  3. Sound machine! Or download an app on your phone. Great for the baby and you to get some sleep with all the beeping from the machines.

  4. I would add that re snacks the time your deliver might be critical there. If you deliver and are released to your postpartum room after all the cafes in the hospital are closed for the night, you will need to eat and so will your partner.

  5. THANK YOU for putting this together!!!!! Sooo helpful and I truly trust you! There are so many lists out there that it’s overwhelming. Congrats on baby Hudson.

  6. Great post! For me, I enjoyed having my own blanket. I was induced so it just felt cozy and comforting to have something from home.

  7. Dwell & Slumber caftans. I lived in these for several weeks after delivery. So easy to nurse in and the softest material! I got a baby gown too, but didn’t use that as much. I still sleep in the caftans.

  8. This is so helpful! I was curious what kind of support band or belly wrap you may have used after baby was born? Also, how many nursing bras have you seemed to need?!

    1. Hi Candace! If you search “postpartum belt” on the blog several posts will come up with it linked like this one and this one. I would recommend starting out with two nursing bras. Then you can evaluate if nursing is for you, etc. before going all in! Someone advised me that regarding nursing accessories, clothes, bras etc. and I thought it was really smart.

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