As my pregnancy is coming to a close (due date is… Tuesday, yowza!), I wanted to share some of the products that have really helped me this year throughout my pregnancy.  Of course you don’t have to have these things, but they have certainly contributed positively during the ever-changing journey that is pregnancy!  I think everyone has their “must-haves,” so obviously take it for what you will.  BUT… let’s get into it!

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Because the only months I wore actual “maternity” clothes were fall, this short list is a little biased toward that season of style!

I love these leggings like crazy (talked about them in this post).

These were my favorite maternity jeans.

These were my favorite exercise leggings.  More on them here.

These were essential.  Like, don’t even question it. Buy them!

Shirt dresses were so comfortable throughout my entire pregnancy.  They’re also super cute and make you feel polished easily.  Also love this one.

I would recommend investing in a black bodycon dress – I love this one and this one.  You can layer sweaters or tees over it, style booties, sneakers or sandals.  They’re SO versatile.


Two things I didn’t really consider were pajamas and undergarments.  You’re going to want to find a few things that fit comfortably.  My old nighties became super short toward the end and I didn’t want to stretch out my favorite pajamas!

I bought myself these in the pant and shorts version and they’ve been great.

This set is my treat to myself for the hospital.

My favorite maternity underwear was definitely this pairThese are super soft, but ultimately the functionality wasn’t as great.  If any of you have recommendations in this area, I’d love to hear!


I took these and these and loved both.  Be careful with the prenatal gummies.  If you choose to take gummies you’ll need to supplement with an iron pill.  The only time I bought gummies my iron was low at my checkup, so those went out the window!

Once I hit 36 weeks I started taking these.  I’m hoping they’ll help with labor and delivery and will continue to take them after baby.


I combined a belly butter and oil throughout the last 4 or so months once my belly popped.  I also love this one!

A jade roller was nice to have in the final month while I’ve felt extra puffy.  Just using it daily in the morning with my skincare routine has been nice.


I upgraded my slippers, and it was a great call.

Joggers or sweats will become your bff.  These run big and I was able to wear them throughout all nine months.

Once my belly really started growing, this pillow was a major game changer in getting better sleep.  I sleep with it every night.  Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to finally ditching it, but it’s been so helpful during these big belly weeks!

My mom bought me a ton of epsom salts, certainly more than I need!  But in the final weeks I’ve used them nearly every other day for achiness and relaxation.


This book was great to have when I had random questions or thoughts.

This giant tumbler + silicone straws has helped me drink tons of water.  I jokingly call it my “big gulp,” and it goes everywhere with me.  It’s like my security blanket!  I also wake up in the middle of the night so thirsty and guzzling it.

Another service that has saved me is Rent the Runway.  More on that here and here!

I’ve also bought this waist belt to use in the weeks following delivery.  I like that it is three pieces and you start slow and then add pieces for a tighter fit as the weeks go on.

And that’s all she wrote!  I have packed my hospital bag, it is literally in the car, and I’ll be sharing more details on those details after baby comes.  I want to make sure to share the things I actually needed and used and not the unnecessary things (there are quite a few bags, ha!).

Thank you so much for reading, and if you had something that was essential to your pregnancy, I’d love to hear in the comments.  XO –

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5 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Essentials & Why

  1. I got those Zella leggings and they are THE best quality ever and so soft. I love that you can workout in them and also wear them out with sweaters. Got mine at the Nordstrom half yearly sale! I am using Bio Oil too and really like it.

  2. Love this list!! I’m expecting baby #2 in just 2 weeks and this time around I skipped maternity leggings and got a pair of lululemon align leggings instead and they have definitely been much better than any of the maternity leggings I had the first time around and I love that they will still be used after pregnancy. I also skipped on maternity shirts and have just done my regular shirts with cardigans and scarves and what not.

    1. I think that’s so smart. Getting away with less and trying to focus on pieces you might be able to wear after baby or during postpartum is so smart and way more versatile!

  3. Thanks for sharing! So glad I found your blog. I am pregnant with my first, and there is just so much out there, it’s a bit overwhelming. I appreciate your thoughts and finds 🙂

  4. What a helpful post! With the pregnancy pillow, do you sleep on top of the covers, or do you shove it under the blankets and tuck yourself in? I am 16 weeks along and think I want one, but like the weight of being under the covers, and am not sure if it will work.

    Good luck next week! Hoping for a smooth and easy experience for you and your family.

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