natural table runner

– adding a table runner for spring –

salt and pepper

salt & pepper bowls for the dining room –


– every now and then, seeing a baby item around the house that makes me think, “awww” –

bunny print fabric

– adding some bunny lumbar pillows to the den and loving them –

white circle vase

– adding faux greenery like this and this to vases

Three weeks and I’ve left the house… twice.  How insane does that sound?  I cracked a few times this week.  I felt frustrated.  Overwhelmed.  Anxious.  The feeling came and went, but it was the first time that I really thought to myself, “how long will we be doing this?”  There is, of course, no easy answer to that question.  Therefore I had to really focus my energy on remembering that I can really only take on one day at a time.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve actually been buying more online in the past few weeks.  I have replaced pillow covers, ordered decor, bought outdoor chairs and ottomans, ordered plants… I can’t stop tinkering.  But along with that comes tackling so many home “to-do’s,” and that is something that feels really encouraging.

I’ve enjoyed new shows that have released and  are super engaging, Little Fires Everywhere and Ozark’s season 3 to name a few.

I discovered Chrissy Teigen’s Spotify playlist that has been super fun.  And I’ve been adding to my vibe-y playlist (post here) as well as my 90’s playlist.

What have you done this week that has brightened your day?  I’d love to hear.  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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11 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to tackle home projects during this quarantine. Can’t think of a more perfect time to do so! I love how you decorate. Your life is the definition of chic and I’m obsessed. I must level up!!

    I bought a Paint By Number set this week and it has truly brought me so much joy!! I’m having a hard time doing anything truly productive and normal because this lifestyle isn’t normal. Since being temporarily laid off, it’s definitely been a struggle finding a routine. Some days I’m super motivated to check things off my to-do list and other days I just want to go with the flow. It’s all about balance and doing what you feel is right that day. My Paint By Number set is helping me escape from reality while also feeling accomplished at the end of the day. Highly recommend!!

    Hope you, C, and sweet baby Hudson enjoy your beautiful home and cherish this time together. You’re all so precious!❤️

    1. Paint by Number – that is honestly SUCH a great idea! I am sorry to hear about your job. This is such an unprecedented time. Love that you have found an escape – so important.

  2. You know what I’ve been doing? Going down a rabbit hole on CBL and kathleen_barnes on Instagram! I just recently found your pages and am loving your style and content! I love love love your mix of modern traditional with a splash of glam. xoxo

  3. I love Chrissy Teigen’s playlist!! Thank you. This week I knitted a dishrag and discovered The Prayer by David Archuleta on youtube. OMGoodness, you have to stop and go listen. It is so beautiful. I’ve walked my dog a LOT and talked to my grandkids and daughter in law and son, along with friends. What would we do without our phones? Daily cooking and cleaning. Laundry. How does one person make such a mess?

  4. I’ve been temporarily laid off from my job. This is such a scary time. I enjoy checking in on your IG stories for some laughter. The paint by numbers looks like a great idea especially the Eiffel Tower. We were supposed to take our first trip to Paris May 2nd but that’s clearly not going to happen. Blessings to your family!!!

    1. I hate hearing that. We have cancelled big family trips as well… which can make it hard. Having what feels like nothing to “look forward to.” But I think arts and crafts can be a fun and inspiring way to channel some energy! Big hugs to you and your family Julie! xoxo

  5. Your stories are all of us! I agree with the home tinkering, it’s easy with all this time and sales. I just hooked up my DVD player and am excited to dive into my old movie collection! Stay Well!

  6. Your 90’s playlist gave me MAJ vibes yesterday. I created my own and it’s wonderful, so thank you. That was my bright spot as I’m still working in the office (yikes), and we just got 6 inches of s n o w. WHERE is spring!? Also, Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu is definitely living up to the book so far! 🙂

  7. I’ve been making your garlic noodles so I can hold off going to the grocery! I love them and your posts! <3

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