Inquiring minds have been asking about Father’s Day gift ideas, so today we are diving right in with some brands and items that are popular in our house!

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When it comes to fitness or lounge, Tommy John and Rhone are two of Christian’s favorite brands.  And these slippers lasted him years – I need to get him another pair!

I had to get this book for Christian. And maybe I went ahead and bought this one too.  So cute!

These are Christian’s tried and true classic sunglasses, even better if they fold into a tiny square.

He carries a Filson briefcase everyday to work, and if he needed an overnight bag, this one would be my go-to.

TRX straps are your everything-workout in one, and a sleek decanter for his favorite bourbon as a post-workout treat (anything from Buffalo Trace Distillery is his pick).

A Yeti cooler or mug will last him years and years, and this candle feels like the perfect office or man cave scent!

If you hit it out of the park with a Father’s Day gift last year, I’d love to hear what was a hit!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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  1. Great list! WSJ wine club and Sperry Gold Cup Boat Shoes (they have some custom color versions for too) were recent favorites!

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