We’ve shared gift ideas for her under $100, gift ideas for him under $100 and gifts for toddlers… let’s chat about gift ideas for the homebody.  One of my favorite categories!

Truth be told, I really love everything on this list.  But let’s get into some of my tippity toppity favorites and why –


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I recently splurged on this bowl after having my eye on it for almost six months.  It’s arrived and it’s beautiful.

I’ve loved my MacKenzie-Childs tea kettle for years.  I think the two quart is something that looks beautiful permanently on your range.

These outdoor dice are wrapped under our tree for a certain someone, and I love this chess set.

I asked for this affordable large vase a few years ago for Christmas and still really love it.  I think this one is so cool.

I recently added this crazy soft bolster pillow to a guest bedroom.  I absolutely love it.

I think a beautiful diffuser and an essential oil would be such a wonderful gift for someone.  Truly the gift that keeps on giving.

I don’t have this booty mug, but you know I love it.

I ordered this laundry basket for myself and this one for Hudson’s downstairs toys.  I love that it has a drawstring.  So when you’re entertaining you can hide those plastic toys a little easier!

I also ordered this bust vase and have this one, also loving this one.  Chic, chic, chic.

If you’ve received a beautiful home gift recently, please share with the class.  I’m always looking for ideas!

Thank you so much for reading, and you can find all holiday-related content here and all of this year’s and years past gift guides here.  XO –

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