Whether you have your own little ones or not, you might have a dozen or so nieces and nephews to be shopping for like myself.

A few of the things below we have and love, and others I might have my eye on for Hudson.  Kids stuff is so cute… once you get started it’s easy to fall down a rabbit hole!

To shop, simply click on the item below or find its associated number below the collage –

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Some of the things we love –

This mat can be personalized, and once Hudson was constantly on the move I was convinced it was time to put it up.  But even now that he’s full blown walking, he loves to lie down on it or wrestle with the elephant head.  It’s so soft and easy to put out in any room… a win!

We have these $11 booties in multiple colors and he wears them almost daily.

There aren’t cuter pajamas out there than these and c’mon… a robe!?  I CAN’T.  Nothing cuter!

This block set was a recent addition, and I don’t know who loves it more – Hudson or myself.  I’m building all kinds of masterpieces (wink)!

A piggy bank was on Hudson’s birthday list because he was already collecting little bits of money here or there.  There isn’t anything out there sweeter than this one.

We have this chair (can also be personalized) and it is so cute.  I’ve had it in H’s room, but I’ve been toying with the idea of putting it downstairs… I think he might really lounge in it.  He loves it in his room so far.

We might also have these on our wish list… I mean… adorable.

Currently a little young for this itty bitty bike but I’ve had my eye on it for months.

Sometimes you see toys out there and it’s like… is this for the kid, me, or a little bit of both?  This is one of those toys.  I can see myself loving this as a kid.  And this!

For more gift guides and holiday content, be sure to check out the posts in the the “holiday” page at the top of this site.  More gift guides coming this week!  XO –

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  1. As a new aunt who is clueless about baby stuff, this just saved my life!! Thank you so much!! Such cute stuff.

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