We’ve discussed gifts under $100 for the ladies, gifts under $100 for the guys, gifts for homebodies, gifts for the toddlers + kids and now we are diving into gifts for hosts, coworkers or even for Dirty Santa parties!


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A cute apron is always a great gift and this is one of my favorite ones, even paired with a cookbook!

I once received nice coasters last year as a housewarming gift and I loved that idea.

A bag of good coffee and a cute mug is a sweet combo.  You could even toss in some sweet treats like these Heaton Pecans from Mississippi (dangerously delicious).

Along with a fabulous vase with flowers (I just recently ordered this one).

Your favorite candle and fancy snuffer or wick trimmers are a great duo.

An affordable essential oil diffuser with one of your go-to scents.

What about your go-to wine and a nice wine opener or bottle stopper?

I also think a game is a great gift – I would love to receive something like these gin rummy cards.

Or a small plant and a plant mister, gardening gloves, a watering can or a cute gardening tool kit?

If you put a little thought into it, there are so many cute little gift combo ideas.  Which could also be nice for in-laws, aunts, uncles or a gift exchange.

If you’ve hit it out of the park with a host or coworker gift recently, I’d love to hear.

You can see all of the gift guides from this year and year’s past at the top of this site under “holiday.”

Thanks so much for reading and I have one more gift guide coming up for you guys before taking a holiday break.  XO –

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