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I have unintentionally begun 2021 with all things furniture/accessory rearranging.  I’ve been spending any free time flipping through design coffee table books and getting ideas.  And I love that it doesn’t have me necessarily purchasing anything new, rather just shifting things around for a fresh feel.  Sometimes it’s not really about adding additional items, rather taking away for a clean, inspired look.

But I won’t deny that my wandering eye has discovered a few things I’m lusting after along the way.  Like this beautiful and sleek lamp I found on sale that I think would be amazing in the foyer.  Or this burled wood desk I’ve almost splurged on multiple times.  And this footed bowl I bought for an orchid arrangement (my tips here).

I’m very into vase, pots and jars right now and am having to restrain myself as I really don’t need any more.  But how cool are these?  I mean, I might have to get this one.  I’ve never seen anything like it!

I’ve had my eye on this sunbathers scene for so long.  I absolutely love it but have no idea where I would put it.  But I’ve loved it for at least a year.  I recently looked back on some photos of travels, and it really hit me that I haven’t stepped foot on a plane in a year and a half, and we have only stayed in one hotel during that timeframe.  I am longing for an adventure, even if just a road trip!

Have you taken any great road trips during covid months?  I’m thinking something East Coast beachy…

Thank you so much for reading! XO –

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Sleek Decor

  1. Hello!

    This is a great post! I am pretty set on decor, but I am dreaming of a new home down the line. I am moving from the Bay Area (I crack up at your San Francisco stories. Agree 100%) to Atlanta. Dreaming is good. Especially during Covid.

    I keep thinking you could find someone to make that desk for you. There has to be someone in the Atlanta area that does wood work and building home decor. I have been watching too many home make over shows!!!

    I spend 9 week in Tulum, Mexico this year – with 6 of them over the holidays. I worked/lived down there. I also took a side trip to Isla Holbox about 3 hours from Tulum and a 30 minute ferry ride over to an island with no cars. Old Mexico. We ate lobster pizza and watched the sunsets. Three negative Covid tests later I am grateful.

    I love your family so much and Hudson is definitely part of my daily dose of entertainment or sweetness!

    Blessings, Teresa

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