cozy cardigan

– the oversized cardigan I can’t stop wearing –

shop anecdote

– rearranging our den coffee table for a more kid-friendly setup –

crystal vase

– prepping for a “themed” night in “the parlor” –

toddler ball pit

– this seriously adorable Minnidip ball pit

ikea vittsjo bookshelves

– rearranging my office on a whim –

I’ll be transparent, this week wasn’t my favorite week.  I had a few days where I just couldn’t seem to wake up on the right side of the bed and it really carried throughout the day.  It’s also been dark and rainy outside… some weeks are just like that.  BUT I’m really making some efforts to make sure the weekend is different.

Tonight we are starting a new activity – theme nights.  With the cold, wet weather outside and Covid numbers being so high, we have been staying home day after day after day.  So I want to bring some fun back into our calendars.  I told Christian I am officially starting self-indulgent themed nights.

I sent him an invitation for a “Snazzy Jazzy Night in the Parlor.”  In all of my rearranging lately, I pulled out some of my grandmother’s silver trays and candelabras.  It made me want to play vinyls, light the candelabras in the living room, have appetizers and champagne and flip through coffee table books.  That sounded like the perfect, self-indulgent night.  I was happy to host it solo or Christian could join me.

Themed nights can happen as often or not often as we choose.  He might want to smoke a brisket and watch a movie outside with a heater and beer.  He can invite me to participate, but the intention behind it is not necessarily to choose something that we would both enjoy.  I want us to both choose things that are completely self-indulgent that we would enjoy alone or with each other.  The key is to come up with the idea and execute it, but invite the other person to participate should they wish.  And since I declared “snazzy jazzy night,” it has given me something to look forward on a particularly annoying week.

All of this to say, I would encourage you to do the same in your house!  Think about the perfect day or night that would bring you joy.  Other ideas I thought could be fun are movie and pizza night on a cozy pallet on the floor (like how we all would as kids).  Sushi, cosmopolitans and SATC.  Putting a tablecloth over the foyer table and having dinner in the foyer by candlelight, seeing if music travels differently with the tall ceilings, as if we are somewhere other than our home.  A idea is all you need.

Next week I’ll have to report how our first theme night goes!  Hope you have a beautiful weekend – XO –

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12 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Themed Nights

  1. Thanks for sharing this post! Throughout COVID I’ve had some random off weeks and this is such a great idea. Definitely going to try it!

  2. I am obsessed with this idea! I live alone but I could totally do a themed night by myself. It’s something to look forward to and a bit different. Thank you Kat!!

    1. I’ll be honest, sometimes that upgraded night alone is EXACTLY what we all need! I lived alone for a year and absolutely loved it!

  3. Feel this same way! January always seems to drag and this year, after almost a year cooped up inside, it is even harder! Got to find these little ways to keep ourselves going, ya know? For me it a bubble bath with old seasons of RHOBH and Vanderpump Rules. There is some comfort in knowing everyone is feeling this way.

  4. Forcing my BF to do this this weekend….now time to think of a theme 😉
    Love this idea and hope the clouds lift for you soon!

  5. Such a nice idea, love it!! Have you linked your green and black silhouette throw pillows in your den? So pretty!!

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