Some pink and red favorites today!  To shop, click directly on the item in the collage or find its associated number below the collage.

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Red and pink are two of my favorite colors to wear, yet I don’t seem to wear either enough.  I feel like I wear so much black this time of year that throwing in some cheerful color can really impact my mood.  I love this chunky knit cardigan.  I think it would be perfect with a solid white tee and denim.  Loving this pullover also.

I have this silk pillowcase and it’s a favorite.  This hand cream is excellent.  I just got these earrings and think they’re so fun!  They come in a smaller size also.

I’ve been looking at this wine chiller for at least two years now.  I have this candle in the traditional packaging but this special design is so fun!

Last year Hudson was just a little peanut for Valentine’s Day, but this year I’ve been trying to think of something fun we could do together.  Heart shaped pancakes and coloring might be as far as we get… but I still want to do something fun.  If you have any young toddler holiday activity hits, I’d love to hear!

Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Red and Pink

  1. Valentines Day handprint art. I did it with my kiddos when they were 1 & 3. Draw a picture of a vase, dip his little hands in red & pink finger paint and make handprints on the paper. Then draw in stems & leaves to make it look like the handprints are flowers. It’s super cute & then you have a keepsake of those little handprints. But warning, it will turn into a giant fingerprinting mess too haha. So follow immediately with bath time 😉

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