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January means different things for different people, but getting organized in some shape or form is usually on the list for most of us.  It may just mean organizing your holiday decorations before storing them (I bought this and 10 of these and LOVE them), or it may mean a full pantry/fridge cleanout.

I do have a fridge and pantry organization post here, but I can’t 100% attest that having a pantry or closet that this beautifully organized can not only be a happy hack (more about those here and here) but also prevent you from overbuying because you can actually see what you have.

Our kitchen is currently in a pretty decent place however my closet… is not.  It’s mostly because I have incorporated maternity stuff that I don’t really have room for, which has resulted in stacks of clothes on the floor.  And it does not bring me peace.  Not one bit.

I think drawer dividers like this and this are GAME CHANGERS.  I don’t ever wanna live without them.  I also bought a few kits like this when we first moved into our house and I love them so much.  Highly recommend.

Are you organizing anything in your house and if so, what?  After cleaning out my closet, organizing for baby #2 is next up.  I am both ready and not ready.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing!  XO –

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  1. I’m in the process of organizing my fridge so I think I’ll be adding a few of those clear bins to my cart! Organizing = pure joy!

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