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In late December 2019 I made a vision board for the first time for 2020.  I’ll be honest… it felt a little cheesy.  Almost like I was a jr. high girl clipping from YM magazine (who else remembers YM?).

I found images from google searching or pinterest-ing words, quotes and inspirational photos online and put them in a Photoshop collage.  You could also use Canva or even old school clip them from magazines and glue/tape to a sheet of paper or poster board.

I set it as the backdrop of my desktop computer as well as printing it and taping it to the back of my closet door where only I would see it.  And I’ll be damned if at the end of 2020 I didn’t look at that board and realize nearly all of it had actually come true.

So I did one for 2021, and about 80% of it came true.  And now I’m almost done with my board for 2022!  I found some example vision boards from Pinterest to share with you guys because mine are intimate to me and I don’t really show them to anyone (other than Christian, and I maybe only showed them to him this year – ha!).  But I create them each year with intention and the hope to “manifest” some of my goals.

If you’re a visual person – this might be more helpful than a traditional resolution list.  Or it might be something that’s worth trying to see if it’s more effective than a list.  I do think having it somewhere that you’ll see it periodically is helpful though.  Don’t just make it and allow it to disappear.  The visual reminder is a part of the process!

vision board exampleshow to make a vision board

The beauty is that this is entirely yours.  So you can create it however you wish – only images, words, quotes, whatever.  I usually try to hit a few categories – professional goals, family goals, relationship goals, personal goals, spiritual goals and sprinkle in a little long-term hope for the future.

When thinking of what you might want on your board, imagine your life if certain goals were already your reality.  Envision yourself living in the picture you chose and think about how you feel.  THAT is what goes on your board.

Comment with any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer!  I’ve only done this for 2020 – 2022, so I’m a newbie, but it’s something that has taken place of a resolution list for me.  Once the year is closing, it’s pretty special to review your board and say… “wow, of what came true – that’s kind of amazing.”  And maybe what didn’t come true goes on your next year’s vision board too.

Thanks so much for reading!  Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with – XO –

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8 thoughts on “How to Create A Vision Board | 2022

  1. I know you mentioned that your vision board is personal, but would you mind sharing which goals came true in the past? Helps to get some inspo for specific ideas. Thanks!!

    1. A finanacial/savings/charitable goal, material possession or a home upgrade you’re hoping to have, quotes/mantras, exercising/fitness goal, etc! It really comes down to what your personal goals are!

  2. I love this! I am doing a vision board for the first time this year– making it fun! It definitely feels a bit like grade school when I would cut pictures out of magazines like YM and make collages haha….my dream of marrying a Backstreet Boy has *not* come true…yet.

      1. Really love your vision boards, they are creative and not at all cluttery and has an overall “that girl” vibe. Can you tell us what kind of website/software you used as I couldn’t find a good one. I would like a digital board and I have tried PicMonkey but it doesn’t seem that great for a vision board. Thank you and good luck achieving those wonderful goals x

        1. These that I shared are from Pinterest so I don’t know how exactly they were created, but I shared in the post that I personally use Photoshop and I know others have used Canva!

  3. Absolutely love this idea! Thank you so much the inspirational quotes make it something very special.

  4. Thank you so much for this inspiration! After a rough end to 2021, I have been looking for a way to recenter & be intentional about this fresh new year. Resolutions seemed a little process-driven & a word of the year didn’t seem like it was the right fit for 2022. I’ve had the best time creating a board in Canva tonight, dreaming & feeling inspired!

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