Winter is here, my friends.  Even though this week is oddly warm in Georgia… like kind of gross warm?  BUT it is going to drop like crazy next week.  And we have some firewood to get through so I’m over here like… bring it!

Sharing some cold-weather favorites from Amazon right now.  I’ve seen so many girls who actually live in the mountains recommend cold-weather picks from there, so that makes me trust it in itself.  To shop, click directly on the item or find the associated number below the collage.

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I LOVE this coat and this coat, so cute. I saw a girl wearing this men’s vest as an oversized vest over a sweatshirt and it was super cute.

I have these fuzzy birks and I love them.  They are so great for a slipper style around the house that can also be worn for quick errands.  Took a minute for them to come in but worth it.  I’m also waiting on these to arrive.  They look extra sassy and FUN!

I don’t have these snow boots, but I’ve seen them on several others and they look so, so comfortable and cute. Pair them with these faux fur mittens… CHIC snow bunny vibes!

I do however have these leggings and obsessed is an understatement.  I need three more pairs.  They remind me of a lululemon dupe, especially considering the aligns are constantly sold out so how can one even get their hands on them if they wanted to!?  Geez!

Thank you so much for reading, happy NEW YEAR (inspo guide here), and I hope all of you will ring in the new year happy, healthy, hopeful and grateful.  Love you guys – XO –

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