pink katrina rose

– our Katrina Roses blooming –

long white flower

– after being pruned back too far, this Virginia Sweetspire finally coming back to life –

blackberry shrub

– the beginning of this summer’s blackberries –

water lettuce

– waiting on this teeny tiny water lettuce to spread –

bugaboo toddler riding board

– splurging on this toddler riding board (H LOVES it) –

If you can’t tell by the above, we have been spending a lot of time outside. The backyard is really starting to show off, and I am so satisfied seeing what is blooming! However, on Instagram stories, I shared a video of a HUGE black rat snake that was slithering about 8 inches from my foot (now saved in the “garden” saved stories). I was shaking head-to-toe. Apparently, snakes like fresh pine straw? Watering plants is a little less therapeutic these days…

This was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had since Theo was born. Which is only relevant because he is always with me. It’s been a while since I’ve been back at work and managing a busy schedule with a baby on board. But I’m happy to report, as I’ve said before, we can do hard things! With the help of finally leaving Theo with a sitter for the first time (other than the dear night nurse a few times a week so I can sleep longer stretches), it went pretty smoothly and I am truly relieved to say that. He is plumping up and starting to smile and engage more and more. Looking forward to eventually seeing some of his little personality.

I’m hoping to take it easy this weekend. Last weekend we had Theo’s newborn shoot and I had the boys for the first time solo as Christian was out of town. I am still recovering!

Thanks so much for reading and if anything is blooming in your yard, do share! XO –

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