One of the most frequently asked mom questions I’ve received since Theo was born is, “what products or items are you using this time around that you didn’t use with Hudson?” Truthfully, I shared in the May Q&A that there isn’t much.

We haven’t made any big purchases this time and have enjoyed the same items we used with Hudson. But there are a few new things in the mix…

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A lot of these items you’ll also see in my original newborn favorites post here, but because it is still a frequently asked question, I wanted to share again!

I prefer glass and silicone bottles. I bought these burp cloths for Hudson and they remain a favorite – so, so soft.

This bouncer was a must with Hudson (so lightweight and easy to take places), so this time we added this sweet toy bar. We used the Doona car seat and stroller in one with Hudson and it is a lifesaver. A MUST for our family. I’ve loved this stroller fan for both boys too!

My friend encouraged me to buy this swaddle after I shared Theo was too long for most small baby swaddles. It’s been great! I don’t know why it’s as expensive as it is… but it’s now the only swaddle he sleeps in, so fine. I also bought this pillow this time around. At night time Theo sleeps swaddled and flat, but for naps, we use this little pillow and he seems to like it.

We got a second Miku monitor and now have one in each boy’s room. I love being able to check on them from wherever I am. Even when we’re traveling, we’ll creep on the Miku to watch them be put down at night. We also have this monitor so babysitters can easily watch both kids.

I love this 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo for Hudson (we still use it on him), as well as the lotion. I’ve also used Necessaire lotion for both boys and it’s great too. A new item is this inflatable cloth newborn and infant bath float. Theo loves baths and is so content floating around on this thing. I always laugh because he looks like he’s floating along a lazy river. It will be great to bring on vacation and trips as well because it can pack so small.

We use this play gym daily for tummy time. Hudson loves it too!

That’s it for now. If you had a newborn item you really loved, I’d love to hear it! Thanks so much for reading and you can find more family content in the menu under “family.” XO –

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2 thoughts on “Wish List | 2nd Time Mom Newborn Favorites

  1. Just a heads up that #14 pillow isn’t recommended by therapists (physical and occupational) and probably pediatricians. It can cause more problems and create new ones that didn’t exist. I know a lot of people follow you for recommendations and I hope you’ll consider removing it. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for sharing your input! We like using it for short periods of time, our pediatrician is ok with it. But I absolutely agree everyone should make their own informed purchases. These are just items we are personally using and enjoying. Thanks!

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