This week’s wish list is for gifts under $35. Along with gifts under $50 from last week, I feel like these are some of the most popular price points.

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I can’t get enough of mugs. Insulated mugs like this, ones with adorable children or pet faces on it like this, or even collegiate-themed tumblers like this – one for everyone’s alma mater! Pair it with a nice (better yet, local) bag of coffee and it’s a great gift.

I love giving games or puzzles as gifts. Small kitchen gadgets like this and this can also be really fun too.

This book came highly recommended to me. I read it a year ago and routinely think about certain points made about slowing down, minimizing your to-do’s, and creating a more harmonious, peaceful life.

My favorite deoderant, forever and always.

The softest socks ever. I was given a red pair of these as a gift and will lather my feet with vaseline and slip them on. Heaven.

I recently got these notepads and LOVE them. I think pairing something like this with a personalized set of notepads would be an amazing and useful gift!

Thanks so much for reading – more gift guides coming soon and you can find all holiday-related content here (or by clicking “holiday gifts & decor” from the menu). XO –

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