– a refreshing watermelon salad with feta cheese, red onion and mint –

– the OC Fair opening this weekend –

 – the cutest little mobile boutique I’ve ever seen –

– a garden full of fresh mint –

– a cute little cupcake for breakfast –

It’s my birthday!!  I am so thankful to turn 26 in California and spend the weekend with Christian and new friends.  I’ll keep y’all posted if any of this birthday wish list comes true!

I plan on treating myself to some magazine reading poolside, an afternoon manicure and skype session with my mom, sister and grandmother (she turns 86 today! You can see last year’s birthday post here).And to eat lots and lots of food.  And dessert.  And carbs.  Lots of carbs.I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!  You don’t have to be the birthday girl to treat yo self.  Indulge.  Wear elastic waistband pants.  Buy a pair of shoes without asking anyone for permission.  Treat yo self.

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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23 thoughts on “Friday’s Five + It’s My Birthday!

  1. WOOOHOOO!!!! CARBS ON CARBS ON CARBS ON FAT ON FAT ON FAT ON GREASE ON CARBS ON FAT ON RANCH!! Treat yo self bitch. Happy birthday–I will treat myself this weekend too, ya know in honor of your birthday weekend. LOVE YOU!!

  2. Happy Birthday Kathleen.. Have a fabulous day filled with love, great food, wonderful gifts and wish you a great year ahead!

  3. Happy, happy birthday girl!!! I hope you have a fantastic day celebrating in SoCal – it’s not a bad place to ring in a new year.

  4. They planned the county fair in honor of your birthday?!?!? How sweet! lol HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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