– beautiful terrariums from Dewy Flowers in Los Angeles –

– seeing my favorite living celebrity at the Rose Bowl (swoon) –

 – a seriously mouthwatering BLET from Tart

– this dog at the farmer’s market who was in heaven –

– writing thank you notes after an exciting meeting with my new Lady Gatsby stationery –

 Other mentions:

  • This BBQ chicken pizza that is screaming my name.
  • This blog that has me seriously thinking my hair is totally boring.
  • My latest addiction to all things Gregory Gorgeous.
  • These 23 precious pictures that definitely made my day.
  • The racy preview for Passion – Rachel McAdams new movie coming out in August.  I love some Rachel McAdams, who doesn’t?

I’m so thankful for such a fun and exciting week.  A few exciting meetings, getting together with new friends, a mention in the OC Register, some seriously swoon-worthy treats that I can’t wait to share with y’all and finally…a haircut!

Christian has this Saturday off…his first day off in several weeks, so I plan to go along with whatever he wants to do. He’s been working like crazy – leaving for the day at 3:30am – yikes!  I wouldn’t be surprised if the only thing he has planned is sleeping in and being served breakfast in bed.  Luckily, that I can handle.  What are you plans this weekend? Thank you so much for reading, sharing your comments and making this blog so much fun for me! XO –

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