I’m so proud to announce my sister’s Etsy shop, Sarah Thorne Creates!  Our mom is an artist and has been painting oil paintings and crafting since before we were born (there’s a lot of CBL Mom art in my apartment tour).

We may be pulling from the same gene pool, but my sister, Sarah Thorne, definitely inherited the artsy gene.  She has some serious skills with both the paintbrush and mixed media, while I like to think I use my artsy gene with pairing clothes!  Not to mention that my sister-in-law, Anna, also has some serious artsy talent.  So basically….I’m the only one coming in at nada.

In writing this post I’m realizing that these are the  most recent good photos of my sister and I…from a YEAR ago.  That needs to be fixed!  It’s just so hard to take sister pics over facetime.  They usually involve me getting my niece to facetime with Bailey and Lula LaShonda…not kidding.

But back to art.  I am a huge fan of Etsy and supporting artists and small businesses.  Not only can you really score some unique pieces, but you also can find something so original and custom.  You can’t beat that!  Sarah Thorne has so many charming (and sparkly!) pieces at extremely affordable prices – a great Christmas gift idea!  Some of my personal favorites:

Check out Sarah Thorne Creates and let me know what you think.  See something you like but want it in a different size? Contact ST for a custom quote.

Thank you for reading and shopping!  If you like the shop, be sure to add it to your favorites.  XO –

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9 thoughts on “Sarah Thorne Creates

  1. Okay, I feel like such a stalker saying this, but my family was in Oxford this weekend to see my cousin and his wife and new baby, and when we were shopping around in the square, I saw your picture from the cover of Mississippi magazine framed in Lulu’s! I told my mom and sister I follow your blog, and apparently they do, too! The world just keeps getting smaller.

    1. Wendy – this comment made my day!!! I had no idea that photo was framed in there – to funny!! You are so kind to share and I am so appreciative of your support. Thank you for making my day!! XO –

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