Three looks I will be choosing from this Friday for a Valentine’s Day with Christian…and my mom! Karen is coming in town for the weekend before heading back to Mississippi.  She is spending this week with my brother and his sweet family in San Francisco and then will head South to spend the weekend with us.  I don’t know who she is more excited to see, us or our patient Lula.

Fun story – when I first rescued Lula I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with her.  I am allergic to cats and I didn’t think she would be able to live with me.  Unbelievably, Lula doesn’t shed much and she never triggered my allergies.  I’m still not quite sure if I outgrew the allergy or if Lula is just meant to be mine, but regardless, I ended up falling in love and keeping her.  My mom still kicks herself for not snatching Lula from me when she had the chance!


Which look is your favorite?  One, two or three?

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Valentine’s Week! XO –

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9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: Three Looks

  1. Couldn’t really decide, but I think #3 is my fave. Best wishes to little Lula…you’ll have to show us a pic once of her healed self once she feels photo-bomb ready :).

  2. I vote for the pink skirt. Hope you have a fun Valentine’s Day!

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  3. Who am I most excited to see? In order Lula (please, did you ever even doubt that – even without the surgery I would be most excited to see her – I saw you in NYC in December) then you, Christian and bringing up the rear – Bailey. Do NOT tell Bailey this, I do have a treat for her. I love her just not the licking she loves to give. I vote for #1 or #3, still don’t love the Cindy Lou Hoo Skirt, although after reading the post the other day, I realize I’m in the minority. Oh well, I AM 55!!!

  4. If you’re dressing for your man I say #2. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen you look hotter! LOVE that outfit but I’m into high boot and skirts let me tell ya… Oh and funny note my mom is flying up to visit with us tonight for a week too! Haha Gotta love having the Mommas in town for Valentines <3 I’m so ready to see her I could cry! (Oh wait, I did yesterday at lunch when I thought her flight was going to get cancelled becuase of the CRAZY MS Winter weather – thankfully it didn’t and shes on here way to me now!) I haven’t seen her since last April! Yay for Valentines Day with the Mommas! Have a great weekend in whatever pretty outfit you pick.

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