It’s been quite a few years since I have skied, and Christian has never hit the slopes.  I was a little nervous because I remember falling quite a bit the first time I put on skis…and let’s be honest, falling 15x in an hour can quickly take the fun out of an experience.

Luckily, thanks to refreshing ourselves to ski lessons via YouTube (not kidding), we managed pretty well and only took a few falls that were usually followed with laughter.

We both wanted to take a ski trip in February and since I mostly planned our anniversary trip to Santa Barbara (part one & two), this trip fell on Christian’s shoulders and he did a fantastic job.  We stayed in Deer Valley for three nights and Salt Lake City for one.  I have never visited Utah and was enchanted with the snow and mountains – absolutely breathtaking!  We spent the majority of our trip skiing which sadly meant my camera was stuck in the lodge, so a lot of these shots were taken with my phone.  I was definitely a little sad to come home – skiing in fresh snow while watching it fall from the sky – a magical experience.

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions!!  We visited several of your recommendations, and I am truly so appreciative of all of your fab advice.


Thank you so much for reading! XO –
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11 thoughts on “Deer Valley

  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and woo hoo for Christian planning a fantastic trip! I suck at skiing and am terrified of falling- thus don’t see a ski vacation in my future haha!

  2. I’m pretty impressed with your “phone-only” photos, sister! I’ve always said that I would never go skiing again (altitude sickness is THE worst) but this post has me rethinking that! P.S. I spy a tuna tower. I think you need to come back to Jackson and have dinner with me at Julep! XO, Katie

  3. So lovely! 🙂 When I go to Lake Tahoe, I skip the skiing and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace instead, ha, so I’ve never hit the slopes! Kudos to you guys and YouTube videos!

  4. You two are so cute! What a lovely trip you had! I’ve only been to Utah once when I was younger, and we were camping in the National Parks (beautiful)! But someday I’d love to go back and stay in Deer Valley or a resort ski town! How fun 🙂

  5. Deer Valley looks gorgeous! We went to Breckenridge this year, and I’m totally with you on the “falling isn’t all that fun” mentality. I took some ski lessons to help me out, and we’re already planning a trip to Tahoe next year!

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