I’m in Chicago so often that I always seem to be recapping my trips.  Are these getting old to y’all?  I just take so many photos I can’t help but share!  I recently spent 12 days in the city for work, and while really fun in the beginning, I found myself more homesick than ever towards the end.  I ate my way through the city per usual and had a serious love affair with the eggs benedict you’ll see below.  No judgement.


The best eggs benedict from W Chicago Lakeshore…I think I’m going to have dreams about it.


Some of my favorite iPhone snaps:


Thank you so much for reading!  XO –
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10 thoughts on “12 Days in Chicago

  1. Look at all the Urban Decay make-up…heaven!! Would love to hear a post on what you do for them! Chicago is such a beautiful city – I’d probably eat my way through it too!! Bread is always a weakness of mine!!

  2. I love your photos! I have only been to Chicago once–4 years ago. I love that city! We had drinks at the Drake and took this amazing walking food tour through Bucktown and Wicker Park. Also went to this bar The Violet Hour for some very creative cocktails. Such a fun place…I hope to return some day!!

    1. Walking food tour…that’s a tour I need to be in on for sure. I’ve heard of that bar – now I wish I was still there to try it out! Thanks so much for sharing! XO –

  3. Looks like you had fun! I live here and probably should go on a photo safari sometime…just order a bunch of food and eat at a bunch of places that look gorg on camera.

    It’s finally feeling warm here…thank the Lord. I can see these photos and shiver, the weather has been so cold!

    1. Let me live through you. Honestly I didn’t mind the cold at all – it was actually refreshing after being somewhere so warm! I just got tired of living out of a hotel. Those Chicago row houses though? I die.

  4. I want teal keys for my macbook! How do I make that happen?? Also, I can’t tell you how many people I bumped into at the Drake because I was walking and looking straight up at the amazing ceiling. Whoops.

    1. No way! Were we there at the same time!?

      Turquoise keyboard – apple store gf! They sell little keyboard protectors in cute colors. You need!! XO

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