– taking some feng shui tips from the Real Housewives to see if a bowl of 9 pieces of citrus fruit will bring us good vibes –

– a surprise beauty box in the mail from Her Fashion Box

– a street-side farmers market –


– a new clutch that I am beyond obsessed with –

– pick of blooms for the week –

Call me crazy, but having air conditioning this week has made me a new woman.  There’s a legit heat wave in Southern California, and I’m not lovin’ it.  Being able to come home and relax (I’m getting better at that thanks to your enormous support and inspiration yesterday – in case you guys need reminding, you rock) in a cool temperature after a long day is something I shall never take for granted again.

Christian has this weekend off so we plan to do some lounging and grilling (thanks to our new little grill – I have to show y’all a picture it’s the cutest thing) before heading to Los Angeles for the day for a small blogger brunch and some sweet time with my brother’s family before they welcome a healthy baby to their brood in October.  She is to join her fabulous big sister Edie (another post on her here and here).  With 5 nieces and nephews in Mississippi, Christian and I love that we’ll have two nieces/nephews (they don’t know the gender!) close-by.  God is good and we are grateful.

Thank you again for all your words of encouragement yesterday.  I love when I see women supporting women and that’s one of the many lovely things this blog has brought into my life.  Thank you for sharing how you find balance and peace when you’re trying to juggle too many things.  I truly learn so much from you!!  Have a beautiful weekend and don’t forget to enter the BANDED giveaway if you haven’t already!  XOXO –

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