– my sister-in-law’s adorable Thanksgiving table –

– the most adorable surprise package from Chandon – #pouronthefun!


– the face I got Monday morning when Bailey realized she wasn’t going to work with me –

– sequins on sequins –

– waking up to Christian’s latte skills –

This week, the first week of December, is one of the most magical weeks of the holiday season I think.  The shopping is underway, the decorations are up, the eggnog is for sale, the pine-scented candles are lit… it makes me giddy just typing it out!  I’m not going to lie…I do have nightmares that Bailey will knock over our Christmas tree, breaking each ornament as it comes down. Perhaps if I’m sharing this fear then it won’t happen!  My support for this nightmare:  in our former CA apartment she ran through, literally ran through, the screen door 4+ times.  In our bedroom in MS she was roughhousing with a toy so much that she ran into the mirror that was resting against the wall, and it fell on top of her.  She scratched the wood floor so hard to try to miss it that she left permanent scratch marks in the wood.


So I’ve been locking her in the kitchen/breakfast room at night to avoid a catastrophe with our first Christmas tree.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, Lula LaShonda is practically perfect in every way – go figure! 🙂

Y’all have a beautiful weekend and please share your Christmas tree stories and adventures – I would love to hear!  XO –

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