Christian and I were recently photographed by Morning Lavender Boutique and Lace & Lock’s adorable, ridiculously talented Kim Le for a Valentine’s Day Lookbook. It was such a treat to be photographed where we live. We took these anniversary photos in Malibu right when we moved to California, but something about these capturing the areas where we ride our bikes and walk every weekend feels extra special.

So here is a true and corny story.  When I first laid eyes on Christian, I thought he was super cute.  I was interested, but then I found out he was incredibly smart.  One of these National Merit Scholars/full scholarship kids.  Then I was mega interested.  Nice, smart AND cute is the trifecta in my book!  I told my girlfriends it was my mission to make him my boyfriend by summer.  Christian used to be pretty quiet (my constant yammering has changed this now), so at the time, simply talking to me was flirting in his mind.  A couple months later, Valentine’s Day of 2007, he texted on my pink Motorola Razr (you know you had one) and asked me to be his Valentine.  It was like being asked to prom for the first time.  I was at the breakfast table with my girlfriends eating heart-shaped pancakes made by my fabulous BFF Shallon, and I announced his text to the table.  The entire day I was floating on a cloud.

And that night I ate a heart-shaped pizza with my friends.  In fact, I don’t know if I even saw Christian that day, but I definitely remember my meals which shows my true colors.

This, combined with my other Valentine’s Day confession, makes this Hallmark holiday a little extra fun for us (mostly me) because it reminds me of those butterflies and his February proposal five years later.

Cheesy story – but I mean – those beginning butterflies (and heart-shaped pizzas) are the BEST, right?

Kathleen & Christian - 21

kathleen and christian 87 Kathleen-and-ChristianKathleen & Christian - 93 Kathleen & Christian - 95 Kathleen & Christian - 96 Kathleen & Christian - 97


Kathleen & Christian - 91Kathleen-and-Christian-Barnes Kathleen-Barnes Old-Towne-Orange

 – all clothing worn by me is from Morning Lavender –

The best part about these photos?  Christian takes amazing candids, but I feel like I often look like a stiff robot. He was reciting lines from my favorite commercial on TV right now to make me laugh (“44 LADIES THAT’S ME!”). Seriously, he’s just my favorite person in the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all – thanks for enjoying my cheesy post (literally and figuratively – I love those heart-shaped pizzas)! XO –


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26 thoughts on “My Valentine

  1. I seriously can’t take how sweet this is! What an adorable love story. I think it totally shows in these beautiful images, how in love you both are. I feel the same way about my hubby. I do believe we met the same year..2007…and yes, I had a pink Motorola Razr!

  2. This post literally bought tears to my eyes Kathleen!! The story is just so sweet and so wonderful and these pictures are simply breathtaking. How amazing for you two to have such beautiful photos and memories captured for the rest of your lives. I constantly wish Ty and I had photos like this – that’s part of the reason I’m soooo excited for our engagement photos!! We got engaged in February too (on V Day nonetheless!) so it’s become a special day to us too. By the way – you are so right, C takes AMAZING candid shots! Sign that boy to an agency stat! Haha. I hope you both have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Xoxo Carly

    1. Carly – you are ALWAYS the sweetest! I can’t wait to see your engagement photos. Valentine’s Day engagement I love it!! HAHA – I’m going to pass your feedback onto C, he’ll be so flattered! 🙂 Happy Vday to you and yours, babe! XO

  3. You are simply a gorgeous couple…inside and out !!! Enjoy every moment ! “Life is not about the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away “.

  4. Kat, I hate to sound like a broken record (well not really) BUT you just have the MOST AMAZING legs!!! I think you have given me inspiration to start working out and build my skinny minnies up!
    And dare I say you look SUPER SEXY in that black dress!!! (two snaps) You should post something like this every once in a while!
    These are truly amazing photographs of y’all. You two seem like a really wonderful love story! My inspiration in so many areas.
    Keep up the great work!

  5. Ok you guys story is me and my hubby’s story! Met in 2007, I knew he was going to be the one and he was playing coy, shy as all get out. Him being a brainiac was intimidating but such a turn on. And 5 years after that he was proposing. I can tell by the pictures how much love you all have for each other but definitely how he looks at you, you were always going to be his but he had to play cool and coy especially being an introvert. Happy years to you guys and wish you more. BTW, you are rocking that black dress, S-E-X-Y!!!

    1. I LOVE THIS. Love your story – and aren’t you glad you went bold and snagged him? Thanks for your sweet words and for taking the time to share. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!! XO

    1. Ok so I didn’t know what you were talking about so obviously I had to google it:
      AMAZING. How have I missed it? The elevator scene is INCREDIBLE. This is where I confess I own Salt n Peppa’s greatest hits CD. Have it, love it, have car dancing parties to it, no regrets.

      1. You have excellent taste in music! 😉 The fact that my 13 year old daughter squealed and jumped off the couch when Missy Elliot hit the stage during SB halftime, confirmed that I am raising her right. Had it been Snoop, I think she would have been full-on ugly crying. Ha!

    1. Yes! The leopard heels are BCBG – all clothing is Morning Lavender! Thank you for your sweet words – XO

  6. Love you and your blog, gorgeous photos, stories about life, and your zest for living–making every day special. #44 cold cuts is my fav commercial too! Makes me smile every time. Happy V-Day to you and Christian.

    1. Oh my gosh thank YOU for your kindness! Best commercial ever, right? Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours and thank you for reading! XO

  7. Happy Valentine Day! Beautiful pictures. Great looking legs in all those cute dresses and skirts!

  8. Such beautiful pictures! The first Valentine’s day I spent with my boyfriend we ate a heart shaped pizza haha. I think I was more excited about that than the fact that I had a date for Valentines!

  9. That commercial, Love it. You in the black dress- wowza lady! I hope you got to wear that one home for C’s sake. It’s only fair after all since he went with you to the shoot!

    In all honesty, these are adorable, y’all are so cute it makes me sick. I wonder if I cna bribe Aaron to be more cute….doubtful!

    Oh and I never had a pink one, my gf did and I was so jelly. Maybe Ill get a pink iphone case to make up for it.

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