Custom framing in white frame.

– this thoughtful surprise gift from the incredible team at Framebridge

Blue Furry Handbag.

– this delightfully furry handbag

I don't have a bucket list, but my fuck it list is a mile long.

Gigi New York reading my mind –

Custom shoe design with tassels.

– designing my first pair of shoes with Shoes of Prey (!!). Tassels, neon, python and hot pink… I mean = dream. –


– missing my roomies and friends from the blogger conference last weekend –

Heeeeyyyy Friday! Happy to welcome this weekend at home, the first in a while, especially because one of my closest friends from childhood is visiting for a wedding!  I actually had not seen two of my childhood best friends in two years and got to see Anna in Dallas last weekend and Kady in LA this weekend – talk about jackpot. They’re those kinds of friends that when you’re together, you haven’t skipped a beat even if it’s been years.  The best.

I will be in Miami next weekend, so I’m enjoying some California breeze until I travel back to the South.  The last time I was in Miami I was in such awe of the beautifully blended culture (I remember feeling like chopped liver compared to the Cuban goddesses), I can’t wait to visit again.  I am 100% the girl eating french fries in a muumuu in a cabana and pointing out all the pretty people at the pool. #neverchange

Can y’all believe that it is almost May… I mean, WHAT the WHAT!?  I can’t believe summer is right around the corner, but I’m excited for it as adventures always seem to start in the summer.  And this will be the first summer that I’m not moving in quite some time so HECK YEAH.  I do not miss the annual hoarding of cardboard boxes around this time.

That reminds me, I should email my landlady and let her know we’re sticking around. Oh, to do’s!!

What are y’all doing this weekend and who has been to Miami recently? Thank you so much for reading!! XO –

PS – I have to share that World Market is offering 25% off today and tomorrow for their Friends & Family event with code FFWEB!  I adore this place. For those of you who saw our home tour – I have several pieces from World Market. I think it’s time I snag C a desk!

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10 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. The pink furry purse is causing me to have a total Clueless moment!!! Which is of course one of the best movies ever! This weekend I plan on being in beautiful SF for a hair show, that is if I’m picked at the casting. Any big plans for you and your bestie this weekend? Hope you enjoy it.

    1. Oh my gosh YOU ARE SO RIGHT. How did I miss the Clueless moment?! Hair show?! Now that sounds way fun!!

  2. The fluffy purse! The shoes! Love it! I’ve always wanted to spend more time in Miami…I’ve only had layovers. Have fun! And enjoy NOT moving. We were torn whether or not to move this summer (within the same city) because we are so sick of moving every year, but a deal came up that is too good to pass up, so I guess I better start hoarding boxes!

  3. I think you might be my soul sister…I’m obsessed with World Market! Half of our furniture is from there! I’m finally spending a weekend home this weekend, too! We’re going to the race track with family to watch the start of the races here and bet on the Derby! Have a fun weekend in LA and in Miami next week!

    1. I love that! Do you have any sofas from there? I’ve toyed around with getting a loveseat but I can’t seem to commit! KXO

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