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I’m going to be real with you guys – this was one of those nights that I was going to a group dinner with Christian and asked him to snap a few photos beforehand.  He gave me – oh, I don’t know – about six minutes of photo taking and then ushered me back to the car, saying he didn’t want to be late because he wasn’t sure if the restaurant would seat everyone without the whole group being present.

He tucked me in the car without letting me take a peek at the photos.

We were the first ones to the restaurant and it took almost half an hour for the group to be seated.

I mean… am I bitter about it? Of course not (sarcasm)… but reflecting on the situation I’m all, “you could have told me my hair was ridiculously flat.”

We’re letting it go and moving forward.

I like the idea of a polished pair of shorts. Perfect for warm weather, yet sophisticated if paired appropriately.  I’m all about a shorts suit (major throwback here), so these I Love Tyler Madison shorts fit right into my wardrobe!  Except this is not a suit to wear to work.  Except for at my job, where there is no dress code (one of my favorite parts of the gig!).

gold body chain dressing up shorts polished shorts suit black lace up sandals


blazer c/o – I’ve been wearing this blazer with everything!! | crop top c/o | shorts c/o | heels – no longer available, love these | bag c/o Shop Prima Donna, no longer available, steal this one and splurge on this one (40% off!)  | sunnies | body chain c/o | tassel bracelet c/o

Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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14 thoughts on “Dressed Up Shorts

    1. LOVE that major throwback story about “cheerleader legs.” Sorry but it still makes me laugh, ten years later!!!! Memories 🙂

    1. Thank you for the snapchat love, Colleen!! I wasn’t into snapchat at first but now I find it pretty hilarious!

  1. LOL! I do the same thing with my boyfriend/”photographer”. And he’s all, “Hair? I don’t think your hair is flat. Wait, what is flat?” Uggggh. But seriously, your hair looks great! So does the outfit. 🙂
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

  2. I absolutely love those shoes! I know you said they are no longer available but what is the brand? Just curious.

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