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On our last day in Big Bear, we decided to drive up the mountain to enjoy the snow and lo and behold, it started snowing!  For these Mississippi turned California kids, it’s a special moment when you feel the snow falling (or rain these days – feel free to mail me some, kthanks), so whenever it happens I instantly revert to an eight-year-old.  Tell me I’m not alone in this?

By this part of the trip, I had not realized how cold it would actually be, so having this fur vest was the perfect layering piece to create a totally different look. I wore this dress as a sweater over jeans and felt so warm while still put together. Never underestimate stepping out of the box to mix and match – the best way to maximize your wardrobe!

This isn’t the greatest photo of Bailey, but sister loves the snow.  She just runs around like a bullet the whole time with a gigantic dog smile, and afterwards we realized it was the perfect way to tire her out before the windy drive home. Noted!

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stuart weitzman lowland boots
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sweater dress c/o Sail to Sable, also love this one and this one | sweater cardigan c/o | fur vest c/o (33% off!)| denim c/o – obsessed with this pair | boots | beanie, old, love this one and this one | gloves c/o River Island

Thanks so much for reading, and check out the winner of the Pro Beauty Hair Tools giveaway here!

Stay tuned for some holiday gift guides this week and some killer Black Friday + Cyber Monday sales! XO –

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11 thoughts on “Let it Snow

  1. You are the most adorable / fashionable snow person, ever! I know you have a “faux fur problem” like I do, so you know I *love* this vest/look.

    Having grown up in the Midwest w/ 18ft snow banks (fine, exagg), I can’t say I’d ever want to live amongst the white stuff anymore. But when I see it now (living in AZ), I find it just beautiful, fun, serene.

    Thanks again for the giveaway – I never win a thing, so it’s fun to win something! I shall use my prizes w/ pride!

    1. The grass is always greener – I would love some more snow! How do you like Arizona year-round? I’ve heard so many great things but have never been. And so excited for you to try some new hair products! XO

  2. We are looking forward to visiting the snow this year. We live in LA, so Big Bear will be one of our visits (but probably not with the dog, she’s a weenie – and I mean that figuratively, despite that she is also part dachsund. 😉 ) I love that you are bundled and stylish but not bulky.
    Have a great holiday week!

    1. Aww you have to go to Big Bear! My brother has a mini weenie and she enjoys an occasional trip to the mountains… but yes, not the snow!

    1. I have had a few less expensive pairs and they don’t hold up over time… so here’s to hoping this splurge lasts!

  3. I absolutely LOVE those boots! I need them in my closet ASAP! I’ll be looking for a cheap alternative during all of the crazy Black Friday sales (because, $800 = OUCH). What a super cute outfit!

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