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I love a clipless curling iron for creating soft, pretty waves that don’t have any of those creases or kinks that curling irons with clips can leave.  You might think that using a clipless curling iron takes more time to use, but it might surprise you that it really doesn’t once you’ve gotten the hang of it.  For first-time users I would recommend using the glove that comes with the iron to make sure you don’t accidentally burn yourself. I want you guys to have beautiful curls burn-free!

At under $35, what’s really unique about this Pro Beauty Tools 1” Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand is that it is two inches longer than traditional wands – something I’ve never seen before.  This makes it even easier to achieve salon-quality hair and an affordable price! You can curl your hair from root to tip without overlapping hair on the barrel, so it is the ideal curling wand for girls with long hair!  Brilliant, right?  It also heats up to 430 degrees and has multiple heat settings to hold your curls extra-long.

pro beauty tools

Today I’m sharing my mane crush – Mila Kunis.  I used my curling wand to style glam curls like a pro and recreate her look, including an off-the-shoulder dress that felt so Mila.

naturally straight brown hair how to curl your hair using a curling wand

First I brush my hair and spray it with heat protectant spray.  Once that has dried, I clip up the top half of my hair and lightly spray some hairspray on the bottom half of my hair before beginning to curl it.  I grab a section of hair and wrap it around the wand away from my face.  I usually hold the hair to the barrel for about 8 – 10 seconds.  Once I take away the wand I scrunch the section of hair in my hand to the root to trap some of the heat before moving onto another section.

After I’ve curled each section, I leave it be, don’t brush through it just yet!  Before I take down the top portion of my hair, I clipped in two rows of Luxy Hair Extensions to give my hair some extra thickness. You can get $5 off of your order with the code LUXYKATHLEEN.

clipping in hair extensions pantene pro v hairspray clipless curling iron how to curl naturally straight hair carrie bradshaw lied hair pro beauty tools curling wand

I continue the same steps on the top portion of my hair.  Once I’ve curled all of my hair and it has cooled, I run through the curls with my fingers, loosening them into more natural, voluminous curls.  I then tease the roots lightly before a finishing layer of hairspray. Voila!

black off the shoulder dress

dress c/o, runs large, I sized down | spotted pillows c/o | bedding c/o

Today, Pro Beauty Tools and I have teamed up to give away both a 1” Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand AND their AC Blow Dryer to one reader!  To enter, simply leave a comment answering what Pro Beauty product you want to try the most.  That’s it! The winner will be selected and announced in this post on Monday, 11/23.

Thank you guys so much for reading and entering – XO –

* Update 11/23: Winner is…. Ann Langlois! Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who entered, I loved hearing about your own hair and how you like to style it. More fun giveaways to come!

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  1. Hi Kathleen!

    Fantastic and informative post! I agree 100% with Mila as a mane crush, even having brought her picture to my hair dresser for a color and cut match before. ? I would love to try Pro’s curling wand! I’m a routine hand burner who cannot coordinate using my Conair curling wand. I think the extra long barrel sounds amazing!

    1. I LOVE THAT. I love that her hair is so fab but also really natural and effortless looking. Mila always #nailsit.

  2. I definitely want to try the long wand! I love my clipless iron but it doesn’t work as well now that my hair is so much longer.

  3. I would love to try the 1″ curling wand! I’ve never tried a curling wand before but I love the natural looking results you get! Great post! 🙂

  4. I love your hair tips! I have similar hair to you and you always have the best advice on how to style it. I’ve been wanting to try this wand for a while now but was unsure of switching to a clipless iron. Your post makes its look so easy!

    1. I never wear the full clip in extension set, but I like to clip in anywhere between 1 – 3 rows for extra volume. I wore them in my wedding too – love a little fullness boost!

  5. Your hair is always on point! I had no idea that Pro Beauty Tools products were so affordable… I would love to try that curling wand- it’s completely brilliant that it’s 2 inches longer for us ladies with tons of hair!

  6. I would love to try the clipless curling iron. I see them all the time but they seem so difficult to use!

  7. I have been thinking about trying a wand curling iron but I’m kinda dumb when it comes to hair tools so I’m afraid of how it will end up! Haha!!

    1. Trust me, when I first tried I was so intimidated, but it just takes a little practice and you’ll be a PRO!

  8. The curling wand would be perfect for me! I’m currently growing out my hair from the a-line I’ve had for years to a lob and my hairstylist showed me how to do some pretty waves to change up my stick straight hair, but I cannot replicate it for the life of me with the tools I already have at home!

  9. I would love to try the x-long wand for my long hair and my teenage daughters would fight over it too!

  10. I probably should comment that I need to try the glove – as i’m always the girl with burn marks on my hands when I curl my hair 😐 But I would absolutely love to try the Pro Beauty Tools 1” Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand. Love that it’s extra long for long haired gals!

    1. Oh girl, you’re not alone – I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve burned myself!

  11. I would definitely get the extra long curling wand. My hair is shorter now (I have a grab-y 5 month old), but I plan on growing it out next year!

  12. I’d love to try the curling wand and I have two daughters with long gorgeous hair like yours and I know they’d get a kick out of it too.

    1. I have really straight, fine hair and have recently considered trying a curling wand for extra body and to add some va-voom to my hair!

  13. How funny bc I’ve always wondered why there weren’t longer wands for those of us w/ really long hair and voila – here it is! So yup, I’d love to try this at some point.

  14. Finally something for longer locks..I’d like to try the Professional-X-Long-Gold-Curling-Wand.

  15. Would love the 1-in curling wand you featured here! My wand that I have tapers at the end so I’d love to have one that’s a consistent width for different curls. I also LOVE that this one’s so long!

  16. Love your hair tutorials! I’ve been following your last one a lot lately. I would love to try the clipless curling wand.

  17. You always have such pretty hair. Would love to try the curling iron! I’ve learned my lesson to always curl with a t-shirt on and not a tank…I have a new scar on my shoulder from the searing to prove it!

  18. I’d love to try the curling wand… I’m almost 30 and have never been able to master a curling iron–clip or not! Better late than never.

  19. I would love to try the blow dryer, because I have super thick hair and it takes forever to dry! Thanks!

  20. The Pro Beauty curling wand is something I’ve always wanted to try. I need something new to jazz up my style. Thanks for being fabulous!

  21. Your hair is gorgeous! My hair is so long and I usually have to re-curl the bottom of my hair because my wand is so short. I had no idea there were longer wands like this, I’d love to try it!

  22. I’d LOVE to try the Pro Beauty Tools Extra-Long Gold Curling Iron please!! I love the idea of it being EXTRA long since I have long hair!!

  23. I would love to be able try out and fall in love with the X-Long Gold Curling Wand. My curling wand just recently broke and I have been meaning to purchase a new one but winning the giveaway would allow me to be able to try out not one but two new products. Thanks for posting Kathleen!

  24. I just cut 5 inches off my hair! I have always had long hair and at a loss for what to do with short. I love it though. I would love the hair dryer❤️

    1. Good for you! One day I’ll have the courage to chop all of my hair off. I LOVE short hair!

  25. I would love to try out the 1” Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand and the Blow Dryer! My blow dryer has seen it’s last days but I am doing my best to keep it going! Long hair and wands have always been the hardest thing! Having X-Long would be just great!

  26. I would love to try Pro’s curling wand! I always use my hair straightener to curl but recently have been thinking about purchasing a curling wand seeing as though I love the curls and waves they achieve! Would LOVE to try Pro Beauty’s one! Also, I only have a travel hairdryer that I use as my hair dryer all the time so would love to upgrade my dryer too!! Your hair always looks so beautiful – can I ask which hair extension from Luxy Hair that you use? It looks soooo natural! I have been wanting to take the plunge and buy a clip in set but can’t make a decision!! Thanks so much for your advice, as always xx

    1. I think I have the 160 gram set, although I usually only wear one – three rows tops. Just for some extra volume!

  27. LOVE this post! This is my fav go to hairstyle so now I’ll have to try this product + your tips!
    Another product Ive been dying to try is the PRO Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Hair Dryer. I’ve heard its also less noisy than your regular hair dryer – so Ill need to try it!
    xoxo -ats

  28. I would love to try the clipless curling wand. I can ONLY curl my hair with a straightener – cannot figure out a curling iron to save my life! How weird is that? Maybe this is exactly what I need!

  29. I would actually love to try this wand because, at 32, I JUST learned how to properly use a curling iron and create these Victoria’s Secret waves. I sure would love to try a wand though so I could avoid getting my hair caught in the clamp of the curling iron every.frikkin.day!

  30. I’m on the hunt for a new blow dryer, specially after chopping my hair off, this one is pretty fairly priced

  31. I would love to try the wand! My hair is so long, and I love the natural curls but always have to overlap my hair on the barrel. Great post! Hotty Toddy!! ❤️?

  32. Gorgeous hair, Kathleen! I would LOVE to try the XL wand– I use an older 1″ wand and it just doesn’t do the trick for longer hair. Thanks for sharing!! ?

  33. I would love to try the curling wand! I think our hair is similar and if I could get mine to look like yours I would LOVE IT!!!!

  34. I would love to try the extra long curling wand. I’ve never used a curling wand before but this one looks like it gives great results.

  35. I would love to try the extra long curling wand, I hate when I have to overlap my thick hair and my curls aren’t consistent!

  36. I would love to try the X-Long Curling Wand! I love curling wands, but have always struggled running out of “wand” at the end of my curl.

  37. I would definitely love the long wand! My hair is super long right now, and it’s always tough to get my hair all the way around my current wand.

  38. I have such major hair envy right now! I’d want to try out the 1″ wand – I’ve never ever tried a wand before and that one looks (somewhat) easy to use!!

  39. Love this post! I would love to try the extra long curling wand. My hair is so long and I’ve never been able to perfect using a wand on it. I also tend to burn my hand so that’s a problem!

  40. I’d love to try the curling wand! I think the extra length would make it so much easier to use than the ones I’ve tried in the past.

  41. I have a curling iron that I adore, so I would love to try out the hair dryer! I have thick, long, black hair that takes forever and a half to dry so I’m interested in seeing if it would help speed up the process!

  42. Would love the dryer! Also just wanted to say I love when you do non-style posts! (like the recipes, personal, travel, beauty, etc.) Not a criticism at all, just there are so many other fashion bloggers but none seem to have personalities like you do!

    1. I ALWAYS welcome constructive criticism, thank you! I definitely started this blog with a fashion focus, but as I continue blogging and have gotten a little older, I really enjoy expanding into other areas. So glad to hear you enjoy them… sometimes I worry they fall flat! Thanks so much for the feedback –

  43. I would love to try the curling wand! I’ve always had a hard time with regular curling irons and never figured out how to get good curls with a straight iron. I love that this wand is the same width throughout, as the one I have gets skinnier towards the bottom. Thanks for the hair tips! Your blog is the best!

  44. First of all, your blog is fabulous. Secondly, I would love to try the extended curling wand! My daughter is a “party girl’ in the Nutcracker this year and we are to create long, soft curls. Her hair is very long and thick and this looks like the perfect tool to make it happen.

  45. I would love the curler since I gave my favorite one to my sister. But, an upgrade to my current one would also be great!

  46. I want to try the curling wand. For a while now I have really been wanting to try curls from one of Amber’s tutorials from Barefoot Blonde but haven’t had the right tools to do so. Who knows though? Maybe that will change.

    Also by the way, I didn’t get a change to leave a comment on your post last Friday, but I wanted to tell you how awesome it was that you took that leap. It takes great bravery to make a decision like that and see it through.

  47. I would love to try the curling wand! My hair needs to change from being straight every day so this would be a great start 🙂

  48. I would like to try that AC blow dryer for my long hair! I need to save some time before work in the morning 🙂

  49. I would LOVE to try the Curling Wand. My hair has been notorious for not holding curls but I’ve always wanted to give my hair waves…but I cannot justify the investment into a tool I don’t know how to use.

  50. LOVE your blog! I want to try the curling wand SO badly because my long hair needs that longer barrel! I always have an issue with overlapping hair when I use a traditional curling wand. PLUS the price is to die for!:)

  51. First time seeing your blog and I love every bit of it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips and love, love your style & taste! I would like to try the Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand. I’ve been using this Revlon curling iron for over 10 years and not the greatest. Thanks for the chance and God bless!

  52. I must say I have been reading blogs for years and have grown tired of many of my past favorites because the content has become a bore or its the same that everyone else is posting. Glad to finally find a breathe of fresh air with your blog. I love the big personality and reality.

    I would love to try out the wand as bigger is always better? ha kidding of course! I have thick, long hair and I need all the length I can get!


  53. I would love to try this extra long wand! my hair is long and i have trouble using regular curling irons 🙂

  54. I would love to try the curling wand! I have long hair and the extra length is a genius idea!

  55. believe it or not, i don’t know how to curl my hair with a curling iron!! i just use my straightener to curl my hair. i would love to try that clip less curling iron!

  56. Oh my!! I never thought to use a glove ( doop!) this has saved me so much, thank you.
    Your hair looks amazing and I hope that your tips and advice give me your hair #hairgoals !!!
    Thanks xx

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