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I’ve been surprised by how many times y’all have asked me about my undergarments – what kind of bra I’m wearing, what I wear under a dress or top, etc. I admit I have no groundbreaking information to share – the answer is usually one of the following: a slip, no bra, sticky petals, a bralette or Spanx. Voila! My secrets revealed!

BUT, to formally answer these requests, I wanted to share a post about my favorite undergarments. My favorite brands would be Hanky Panky, Spanx, On Gossamer and Eberjey (for pajamas).  For comfort, CK bras and underwear are my go-to, along with lace bralettes.  For smoothness, I go to Spanx bras and On Gossamer’s mesh underwear.  Everyone knows the power of a good pair of Spanx, and if I need an underwire bra, On Gossamer is amazing!

The three Amazon goods I can’t live without: a bra strap converter, sticky petals and toupee tape (way stronger than clothing tape).

Do you have anything  you swear by? I’d love to hear! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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  1. Great post! Which is the best strapless bra ? I have a few but find them uncomfortable or not supportive enough.

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