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Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty has started, and this is such an amazing time to try some of those products you’ve been hearing about!  Some of my favorite makeup items are included in the sale, so I’m excited to tell give you my input and why it’s worth taking the plunge.

This and this are two of my favorite mascaras. I use this one during the week for a soft, natural lash and this onewhen I want to really amp it up for date night or in photos.  I read once that Jessica Alba uses this eyelash curler, and since she is #beautygoals, I bought it myself. It’s amazing and I’ll never go back to a drugstore curler!

This is one of my favorite blushes (I have it in Rapture and Score), and we all know this one is an OG (I have it in Blissful).  Dermalogica has been one of my favorite skincare brands since an esthetician recommended it when I was in jr. high – I’ve been using it ever since!

I discovered this tanner (I know I’m late to the game), and it’s everything everyone says it is. Don’t forget to use a mitt!

Have you guys been shopping the sale? I love that Ulta does this every year – such an amazing time to try some of their best-selling products! Thanks so much for reading – XO

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8 thoughts on “Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Picks

    1. Haha thank you babe! Yes Rapture is a GORGEOUS shade of blush of theirs. They also have a brown lip shade named Rapture that’s really pretty!

  1. I just went to Ulta and got some new products… Purity products are my new obsession! I have such sensitive skin it scares me to try anything new, but their product line has been amazing!

    1. Yes I have sensitive skin too! I love Dermalogica for this reason, but I should check out Purity!

  2. Kathleen, have you ever tried the Dermalogica Retinol 1% cream? Thinking about buying it but not sure if it is worth the splurge and whether it would be better to just get a retin a prescription.

    1. I haven’t, but my husband (who works in facial plastics and administers botox, fillers etc) says retinol is where it’s at. I need to be using it!

      1. Great, thank you! You know what would be cool, if you could do a post with tips from your husband’s experience on must skin products including retinol and skin tips etc. 🙂 Just a thought!

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