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As I shared Tuesday in this post, you guys recently gave me a lot of post suggestions and feedback.  One of the overwhelming requests was for more recipes, so here we are!  I’m excited to share two of my favorite non-clothing passions with you guys… MacKenzie-Childs and pasta.

Christian’s family is from New Orleans, so he grew up eating plenty of jambalaya, red beans and rice and all things deliciously Cajun.  Thankfully I also love all of these dishes, and one of my favorite one-pot dinners to make is pasta jambalaya.

I love this simple and budget-friendly recipe, and I usually add some extra heavy cream… because I’m from Mississippi which means I am not afraid of the extra calories if it makes dinner more delicious.  Of course if you’re trying to keep things on the lighter side you don’t have to do that!

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photos by Christian Barnes


large and small pots c/o MacKenzie-Childs | table – antique, DIY paint job shared here | chairs and slipcovers | denim, also available here | top – Forever21 (sold out), love this one and this one | earrings | lips – in Baci | pasta bowls | similar placemats | painting by my Mom | wine c/o Seven Daughters Wine | salt & pepper shakers – Peter’s Pottery (it’s a Mississippi “thing!”) | scalloped pillows – Home Goods find, similar style here

As I’ve shared here when I went on a behind-the-scenes tour of MacKenzie-Childs, I’m a longtime fan of the brand.  Now that I have some of their cookware (which has been on my lust list for years), it not only makes my stovetop a lot prettier but also makes serving meals out of the pots and pans so much more fun!

I usually leave my cookware in the kitchen but these pieces are too pretty not to bring to the table.

Thanks so much for reading!  And if you  have any favorite Cajun dishes I’d love to hear – XO –

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17 thoughts on “Pastalaya Recipe

  1. You are glowing in this post! You look so beautiful!

    I love recipe posts and anything that involves pasta- count me in!

    Would you mind doing another hair tutorial soon? Like do you blow dry your hair or air dry it? How do you curl it to get those super soft waves and is that first day hair or second day hair? Haha just wondering because it look so beautiful and effortless in this post!

    p.s. Bailey is so cute 🙂 We have 2 dogs (a lab mutt and chocolate lab) and I love that Bailey and Lula make appearances in posts – and Insta stories!

    1. What an incredibly sweet thing to say Blaire! So this is actually hair extensions, but I’ve had a few hair requests so it’s something I want to work on for sure!

      And I love that you have your own sweet two! I can’t even avoid having Bailey in home photos – she is the biggest photo bomb!

  2. Love the recipe and basically everything about this post! Does your mom sell any of her work?! I am in love with that painting.

    1. Aw thank you for your kind words! She did sell work back in the day but now she just does it for one-off type projects. I’ll pass along the compliment though – she will appreciate it!

  3. This recipe sounds amazing! Going to make this for dinner next week for me and my kiddos, thanks for sharing Kathleen!

  4. That makes me SO happy! The look of love is definitely for the pasta. And you’re encouraging me to share more recipes!!

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