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I mean… I felt like I took a quick trip to Cuba with this post. Never been to Cuba, but now I feel like I have for like, 10 minutes!

You guys know I’m maxi dress obsessed. In fact, if you search “maxi dress” on this blog, around 15 pages of posts come up. CAUSE I CHECKED. And while I admit that is completely ridiculous, it’s because I am always trying to know my body and find what flatters my shape most.

If you haven’t begun this journey with your own body… I encourage you to really try to take note of what you feel most confident in. What silhouette do you reach for if you know you’re going to be photographed at a party or reunited with friends? Once you know what you think flatters your shape most, shopping becomes so much easier – and fun!

All of this to say, I consider myself a little curvier on the bottom (aka pear-shaped), so anything midi or maxi that highlights my upper body, I’m down with. I styled this same maxi skirt a few years ago here, but today I wanted to edge it up a little bit for a summer date night look.

striped crop topcarrie bradshaw liedblack and white ruffled crop topstraw fish purseforever21 black and white crop topblack pleated maxi skirtforever21 crop topstyling a pleated maxi skirtblack and white ruffled crop topbetsy johnson fish purse

photos by Vincent Elejorde


crop top – also love this one and this one | similar skirt here and here, love this one and this one | heels, similar look for less here | bag (on sale!) – also available here (on sale!) | sunglasses | earrings | lip in Tilt | cable bracelet 1, 2, 3, 4 | gold cuff

Thanks so much for reading! And tell me if you guys know to dress for your body or if you would like another post on this with some more detail? If it interests you guys I’d love to dig deeper! XO –

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33 thoughts on “Dress for Your Body

  1. I LOVE this post! I’m all about dressing to flatter your God-given shape! I really like how you paired the crop top with the skirt; the possibilities are endless. You look amazing and I’d definitely love to see more posts like this. 🙂 xo

  2. LOVE THIS LOOK! I am super curvy, and I know that my body is a blessing, that a lot of women would kill for my curves….However it’s something I struggle with constantly. I sometimes find it difficult to find silhouettes to flatter my figure. Fit and flare is my go-to….but do you ever get tired of the SAME look? Sometimes I wish more looks work with my body better to add variety. -#firstworldproblems thanks for your blog Kathleen, yours is one of my favorite to follow!!

    1. Thank you so much for the love Kelli! I think it sounds like you know what works for you but you can always expand on that! I bet flowy maxis would also work for you or a midi style? A fitted top tucked into wide leg pants? Love the conversation of dressing for your body – I need to do more posts like this!

  3. You are seriously the cutest! I love getting your posts in my inbox ever day! So true about maxis! I definitely have bigger hips and muscular legs so it effects everything I buy for my bottom half. Thanks for always being so real!
    XO – Courtney

    1. Courtney!! What a sweet thing to say – thank you so much for the love! Maxi goodness is definitely great for you too then! Thanks so much for the kind words and feedback.

  4. Loved this post and definitely wish it was a bit meatier! If you want to do a more in depth one I’ll just be over here waiting… I’m pear shaped as well and highlighting my upper half or wearing looser fitting clothing on my bottom half (like you did here) works best for me. The shift or swing dress style is more popular now though (which looks maternity on my body) and there seems to be a lot more variety in that cut so maybe you can style one of those to flatter a pear shaped body?!?! You look gorgeous though and I’m in love with that maxi girl! Hope you’re having a great week babe.

  5. You look great as always! I’ve found it’s a real learning process to dress for my body. I’m petite and some outfits swallow me up and tight fitting outfits tend to look not so classy. I’ve been having the worst time with shorts lately so that has been a real hurdle, fortunately rompers, cute tee’s and most dresses at look good on me (dresses usually have to be hemmed). I think we all struggle sometimes with dressing for our bodies and accepting our bodies, but it’s also a good reminder to just be happy with what you got! I’d love to hear more from you on the subject, I think it’s a positive topic to discuss. Have a great Wednesday!

    1. I LOVE this comment – thank you so much for this feedback! I agree it’s definitely a positive topic and dressing is all about knowing your body and highlighting your best features. Thank you Sharon!

  6. I love maxi dresses so keep ’em coming girl! I have to avoid over-sized tops since they make me look like I’m six month pregnant. The look you posted yesterday is one I could replicate.
    Keri Elaine

  7. I would LOVE for you to have another post on this topic. I have long legs and a short torso. As I got older I quickly had to realize I what works for me and what does not. It’s so frustrating! I’m still trying to figure that out sometimes haha but you always look amazing! I wish I could pull off those crop tops!!

    1. But you can pull off white jeans probably better than anyone else!! Thanks so much for the feedback Lorin –

  8. I would love to read another post about this topic! I’m a short, petite gal. I know if I could pull off maxi dresses, I would wear them all the time. But, I know enough about my body type to know I’d look as awkward as I’d feel. I’d love even just a sprinkle of guidance in this area. I ran across your page when I saw you live in the San Diego area. I fell in love with the city when I went there on my honeymoon. I pretty much love all things San Diego and want to absorb the area, culture, and people any chance I can. Although I’m sad to see you go from the area, I look forward to seeing what San Francisco offers you! I love seeing your variety of content. I appreciate your understanding for not breaking the bank, but still valuing a spurgle every now and then. I’ve followed you for some time now and your posts and Instagram stories are always authentic and real. Thanks for being genuine!

  9. You look beautiful and your skin is seriously perfection ! I would love for you to delve more into the subject .

  10. Dang Gina! If you’re a pear, you’re the tiniest pear I’ve ever seen! I’m also shaped that way, but maybe a little heavier in my legs/hips. But I do like you and accentuate my upper half, which I think is much smaller in comparison. It’s a good topic, for sure!

    And P.S. That wicker fish bag.. adorable!

    xoxo brandi

  11. I love this post! And yes, can you please dig deeper? Like what your suggestions would be for other shapes. Xx

    1. Yes I’m going to try! It’s a little hard because I mostly know my own shape and I’m not a stylist but I’m going to try!

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