brown oran sandals

– after wearing dupes for a few years, splurging on the Hermes Oran sandals but getting a steal on a previously owned pair on eBay! –

Happy Friday, guys!  This week has been a doozy.  I left for Austin on Monday for a quick trip with the Bumble team to see their new ATX headquarters (with a special performance from Spoon – amazing!). I came back to OC for about 24 hours to unpack and repack for San Francisco and Napa and will return tomorrow with my brother-in-law and his fiancé in town!

Lots of fun, lots of packing – I’m always working on becoming a better traveler. I was able to use my birthday gift for the first time on these flights and considering that I was sitting 2 out of 4 times by unhappy  babies (God bless them… and their moms)… they were God sent!

Let’s just rewind real quick… honestly I’m still coming down from that Spoon performance. I just saw them a few weeks ago at the Hollywood Bowl so to be like… four feet from the band I was freaking out on the inside.  Meanwhile everyone else was playing it cool, just sitting and nodding their heads. I was like THISCLOSE to just standing up and dancing but I tried to appear less fangirl even though I couldn’t help myself (and I’m pretty sure it was obvious that I was quite jazzed). Some of my favorite songs of theirs would be Do You, Underdog (linked above), Cherry Bomb, Don’t You Evah, Inside Out and Hot Thoughts.  Take a listen – tell me what you think!

julie vos fall collection

– this gorgeous new collection of statement jewelry from Julie Vos – I’m such a HUGE fan of theirs (and so is my mom – she’s always oogling their pieces!) –

dry bar charcoal shampoo

– some new charcoal shampoo & conditioner from Dry Bar I can’t wait to try –

pink ankle booties

– coming back from Austin with a new pair of boots from Lucchese by Allen –

texas socks

– and one more Texas souvenir –

Thanks so much for reading – and a huge thank you to everyone who sent me messages from Austin. I love me some Texans. You guys are the nicest! XO –

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9 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. I can’t wait to hear what the charcoal shampoo and conditioner is like! Also, those sandals look amazing! It sounds like you’ve had a busy but productive week, I’ve never listened to Spoons but I’ll definitely check them out!

    I hope you have a fab Friday!

  2. Those pink boOts have me . I have liked in Texas. Love it! Cant wait to move back. The Julie Vos Coll is awesome! And I just order that sHampoo last night. Ive heard great THINGS about it; esp for those of us that use dry shampoo

  3. The next Time you’re in the Austin area you should head south for San Marcos! I may be biased as a social media coordinator for SMTX, but what’s not to love about the largest outlet shopping in North America and a crystal-clear river to float? The glow SUP alone is worth the trek. 🙂 As always, great post!

  4. the new charcoal products are amazing — my blowouts last like 4 days longer thanks to that shampoo! i’ve been wanting to splurge on the oran sandals for quite some time now, they look so easy to wear!

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