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– a few hours by the ocean seems to cure all –

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– picking new books to dig into –

blue striped shirt dress

– slowly expanding my closet to all things linen, loving this shirt dress! –

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bondi sands self tanner

– and trying some new self tanner (y’all know I’m an addict) –

Happy Friday señoritas!  This week has been an emotional and mental challenge for me. You know those days when you’re just “off?”  I felt like everything I did, I failed. Messed up the recipe, had some work struggles, wasn’t able to meet a deadline, lost my temper… you know those days where you just want to throw in the towel? I literally went to bed at like… 8PM on two different nights just because I wanted the day to be over.

Not to be a huge wet blanket on our TGIF, but I just wanted to share because the way things were going, I really had to wake up in the morning and make a choice: do I want to have a good day today?  Christian could clearly sense my frustrations (poor guy… living with Kat ain’t always easy), and would wake me up by bringing me both coffee and Lula. Waking me up with coffee and one of my pets is kind of the best way to wake me up.  He said to me one morning, “you don’t have to have the best day today, just a better day.” God bless him.

A little friendly reminder that happiness is between your ears. We are all entitled to bad days, but attitude is everything. Personally I kind of sit in my bad attitude for a day or so, get it out and then say, “Ok – onward and upward.”

The timing couldn’t be more perfect, Christian and I are going on a little adventure together.  Next week I won’t have as many new blog posts hitting as I usually do because I really want to slow things down. It’s our last vacation together for the next year (one-year fellowships don’t come with vacation days #whompwhomp).  BUT once we are back home, CBL will be back to its usual programming! And of course I’ll still be sharing more about our trip during the week on Instagram.

Thank you guys for your love and support. I hope this wasn’t too Debbie Downer, I just think sometimes it’s nice to share the good and the not as good. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone when you have bad weeks that just feel like they’ll never end. Onward and upward! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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34 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. I love this, what a great reminder!! – “you don’t have to have the best day today, just a better day”

  2. This was a nice post to read – I love hearing about yours and Christian’s sweet relationship. I hope you have a fantastic vaca/adventure together!

  3. Girl you are always go, go, go and you deserve a break! We are all human after all, and I know you have so much going on in your life so the occasional day or two (heck, even week sometimes!) of stress is normal and all you need to do is take some time to yourself, pour that extra glass of wine 😉 and give yourself a break- it’s healthy!

    I hope y’all have the most wonderful trip, and I’m excited to see where y’all are going!! Have a blast pretty girl!!

  4. Thanks for sharing! This week was definitely a rough one for me as well and I appreciate C’s sentiment – just have a better day. That’s what I’ll strive for today! Enjoy your vacation – you guys work super hard and deserve it!

  5. I hear you! I had one of those weeks too. Couldn’t get through my workouts this week without my legs giving out, couldn’t seem to get things done. Thank goodness it’s Friday and this week is over! This just means we have to have a great weekend and Monday will start out amazing!

    By the way, I absolutely love your blog and it’s content! I hope my blog can be as amazing as yours one day!


  6. Love that linen dress do much! Perfect for summertime! I absolutely love your husbands say about a better day! Totally keeping that in the back of my head! Thanks for sharing, needed that!

    xx Tammy

  7. Love this and your blog! You keep it real which is so rare. Everyone has those days and weeks. Have a nice weekend xo

    1. Appreciate you Jaclyn! I too love reading when people are honest, so it’s nice to connect on a human level and say you know what – we ALL have those off days and weeks. Thank you for the love!

  8. I always admire when you keep it real with us, but of course I hope you are having better days! Shake it off girl! And have a great trip with Christian!! You deserve it.

  9. Love this, and Christian for his sweet, encouraging words! Imma use that! 😉 Sending love and light your way❤️

  10. I love what your esposo said to you!! AND bondi sands is my FAVORITE SELF TANNER!!!! Can’t wait to hear if you like it:).

  11. Such a great post Kat! I appreciate the honesty and loved your husbands mindset about just having a better day. I’m gonna use that!

  12. I love that you share your good times and not so good times with us. That’s what makes me come back to your blog time and time again. I’ve had the same type of week and can totally relate to the 8pm nights! I’m happy you are taking the time to unplug from the digital world next week! Enjoy your trip :).

  13. Great post! I admire your honesty and bluntness about your off days and emotional times. Even though we all suffer from a bad attitude time to time and have our moments, I think it’s worth mentioning our thoughts and emotions are valid and worth exploring and discussing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and letting us see your good and bad sides!


  14. This is why this is the only blog I faithfully read, so relateable! Love Christian’s advice, thanks for sharing!

  15. Girl! Thank you for sharing even when your days aren’t the best. I’ve not only had a few bad days recently but a few weeks. I can’t get it together! As much as I keep my head up high and aim for a better day, it feel like I am constantly falling on my face. Hang in there, we all are having them with you at times.

    In other news, I can’t wait to see where you and C are going!


  16. THIS is why you’re one of my favorite bloggers to follow. You ALWAYS keep it real. Not every day is perfect, or instagram perfect and everyone has those days where you’re in a funk. Thanks for the reminder that we’re all human. I hope you and C have an amazing trip and I’ll be following on the insta stories 🙂

  17. Couldn’t NOT comment on this one… I was definitely in a funk this week too and I KNEW I was being a brat but couldn’t reset my brain. My man reminded me of one of my favorite snippets from HRC – sometimes you just need “grit and gratitude” to make it through the day. So good to have the support system around you to help pull you up when it’s tough getting there on your own! And… when so many girls struggle with comparison to our favorite bloggers, sharing the not so sunshine-y moments feels REAL; thank you for posting!

  18. I had one of those weeks too! You’re right, it’s nice to hear about someone else’s sometimes too. Not a downer at all because Onward and Upward! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love this Kat! I’ve had several days like these myself and its nice to know that us women will have ups and downs – completely normal! It helps us appreciate our loved ones a little more when they help pull us out of those ruts.. Have a great vacay!

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