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I’m so excited to share a little “farewell OC” video that I’ve been working on since we got settled in San Francisco. For our last few weeks in Orange County, I documented some of our last experiences. Our last visit to an Angels game, the beach, taking out a duffy boat on the Harbor, Christian’s graduation and last day of work, my last get together with the ladies, packing up the house… cue the tears!

It was my first experience editing a “vlog,” so I hope you guys like it!  My intention was to film this vertically for IG TV (I think it’s a better watching experience over there because it’s full screen)… but then I ended up loving it so much that I decided to share it on my baby of a YouTube channel instead.

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Thanks so much for sharing in this journey with us. And let me know if there are any specific videos you’d like to see! You can see our OC Home Tour before we packed up here.  XO –

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  1. I hope you like SF. I live in Silicon Valley and it is mucho different than Orange County. I’m from here, so I think it’s beautiful, but definitely different. Welcome to Northern California. I hope you grow to love it. Be sure to hit the coast – Half Moon Bay, Carmel, Monterey, even Santa Cruz. It will help with your transition. And, I would go to Tahoe before it snows, so you can see it in both seasons (there’s only 2, it seems). Again, welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

  2. Kathleen, I’m crying with you Great video. Thanks for sharing and best of luck in SF. Peggy

  3. Good luck with your move!! San Fran is an awesome place, full of great food and drinks…..

    A little bargain my hubby and I stumbled upon is the Hotel Monaco happy hour in Union Square: $5 drinks and appetizers 3-6 everyday!

    Also, a great day trip is the ferry to Tiburon….cute town on the water!

    And, of course, the Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building is CRAZEE!!

    Melanie Smith

  4. What a sweet little video!! I grew up in Orange County for 22 years of my life until I moved to LA (still in OC like all the time though for all family functions,) and it has my heart, as well! I hope you both enjoy your time in SF!


  5. I LOVE the video (and obviously that you used that song haha!). I’m still kickin’ myself for not reaching out to meet you one of the many times we were in the OC since my husband’s family is in Irvine! I bet you’ll love having this video years from now. 🙂


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