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I was trying to think of a theme for this week’s wish list, and I realized Valentine’s Day is actually around the corner… which feels WILD!  I still have my Christmas twinkle lights up around the windows in SF and usually leave them up until Valentine Day… I don’t feel ready to take then down!

I saw some cute things – big and small – that would be sweet V-Day treats.  I love these lipsticks with mini hearts, and I use my ReFa roller almost everyday so if you’re not rollin’, #treatyoself.

Love this art for a little kid’s room, and I can’t have enough fuzzy slippers.  My girlfriend has this bag and says it’s one of her most worn pieces, and I’ve had a little record player for around 7 years now and still love it!

I’ve seen sooo many girls lately on Instagram that have been raving about this $15 travel makeup case, so now I clearly think I need one as well. The design is pretty amazing, but I’m wondering if it’s too bulky/big to travel with?  Verdict is still out… will keep you posted!

And if you’re trying to save dollars or you’re not a big Valentine’s gifter (to be honest, we don’t usually exchange gifts), you can take on my in-laws idea.  They have a $5 spending max for Valentine’s Day and really get creative. One year my father-in-law bought flower seeds, a Hershey’s kiss and a card… so technically it was a card, flowers and chocolate!

Would love to hear your Valentine’s tradition if you have one! Thanks so much for reading – will share some gift ideas for the dudes next week – XO –

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9 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Picks: For Her

  1. Valentine’s Day is my favorite so I am living for this week’s wish list. Give me all the red and pink things! I love the special packaging for the YSL lipstick & the Sugarfina candy. My boyfriend and I keep Vday pretty casual so we normally just stay in. But, he always gives the best gifts. Last year, he got me a throwback gift of the Mary Kate & Ashley movies with a ton of candy and something so simple as that made me so incredibly happy!

  2. My husband’s birthday is the day before Valentines Day and we always celebrate it big, so our V-Day tradition is to lay low and order Chinese take out. I’m already looking forward to eating egg rolls and orange chicken by candlelight!

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