what to wear to fall wedding

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With wedding season upon us, I wanted to share some dress and accessory picks for those with a full calendar of fall weddings ahead!

I’ve shared a few seasonal posts surrounding what to wear to weddings (winter option one, winter option two, fall wedding option), but there are so many cute dresses out there right now that I wanted to round up some fresh pieces.

One thing I would recommend looking for when buying something new to wear to an upcoming wedding: versatility.  Can you wear it with a blazer or moto jacket and booties to work?  Would it also work for a baby shower or wedding shower?  Could it be worn in spring?  Dresses like this one, this one and this one totally fit that bill.

Let me know if this post is helpful to you guys.  Next week I was thinking about rounding up some midi dress favorites for fall.  And be sure to check out more dress picks in the rotating thumbnails below.  Thank you so much for reading! XO –

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Fall Wedding Attire

  1. Totally helpful! My brother is getting married, on the beach in Big Sur next month…trying to figure out what dress/shoes to wear.

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