aristot bassinet

– the most gorgeous bassinet from Aristot I can’t wait to use once baby boy is here! –

michael stores turtleneck

– the best basics from Michael Stars

burgundy python booties

– CHIC calf booties

framebridge nursery prints

– waiting on the nursery bookshelf so I can load it up with all of these sweet books –

personalized leather jacket

– a customized leather jacket from Josefinas

Another week has breezed by which brings me closer to this baby’s due date.  I feel both ready and totally unprepared.  That’s probably normal, right?

At 34 weeks, I kicked it into gear getting my hospital bag organized, figuring out what I want to bring for the baby to the hospital, buying diapers, washing crib and bassinet sheets, etc.  I think doing some of these motions are helping me feel a little more calm about the major life pace change ahead.  My mantra has always been “outer order, inner calm,” so going through these motions is calming for me.

I do plan on sharing what we packed for the hospital after I have this baby.  I want to make sure to share only what we actually needed, so I think it will be more informative after our experience!

The temperature seriously dropped this week so I’ve been drinking all the tea in my sweatpants.  It reminds me of almost every day in San Francisco, and I can’t help but continue to be completely overwhelmed with gratitude at the difference in our life from this time last year.

Even with a major cross-country move, the workload of buying our first home and decorating it/working on the exterior, experiencing the third trimester and preparing for our first baby, Christian starting his first job… I still feel calmer every day and more like myself.  Of course it comes with its own stressful moments, but I still feel like we’re working toward life goals and things we want for our future.  It’s rewarding and feels like an investment rather than a chore.  Even with bumps along the road!

If anything, that year of struggle has really made me appreciate so much.  So, so much.

What are you grateful for right now?  If you don’t keep a gratitude journal or share a few things each night at dinner with your partner – I’d highly recommend it.  I am always happier on the days when I do!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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7 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Tufted Bassinet

  1. Seriously stunning bassinet. Our child is getting his sisters leftover bassinet from when we were extremely young and poor but now I’m thinking I might need to step my game up, because I’m in awe! Also, loving the barbar framed photos. We have vintage books in our kids room and it’s my favorite small details on their rooms!

  2. If pediatricians recommend avoiding even breathable mesh crib liners, I can’t imagine the reaction to this bassinet’s potential suffocation hazard . Yikes!

    1. Just like in pregnancy, I think everyone connects with their medical specialists and does what’s right for them. Aristot is a subdivision of DockATot, and all of these baby companies have to go through extreme specifications and legalities. This bassinet has actually passed those extremely strict standards in safety. Let’s keep it positive… don’t you worry about it, gf!

  3. You have such great style and a great attitude. I loved your post where you were thankful for parking spaces, for washer and dryer in the home, for no renters above you. It really is a a right way to live life to look for the good and to be thankful. We all have so many things to be grateful for even in the midst of walking through the valleys sometimes.

    I can totally relate to having to have my surroundings in order. The more stressful life gets, the more I feel the need to keep the house clean. I think sometimes it’s one of the things we can control, plus our homes are so important to our mental well-being. They should be comforting and clean and that makes us feel more calm for sure!

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