black photophore

– receiving this photophore – I’ve been on the waiting list since spring! the one I bought isn’t available online at the moment but you can find a similar one here

polka dot skirt

– a polka dot set that feels so right –

dark floral wallpaper

– plucking all kinds of branches and limbs from the yard –

zebra hide rug

– seriously, all kinds of branches –

gold mule slides

– the easiest slip on metallic slide

It’s the weekend, my sweets!  I have been on a mission to get some things checked off my list.  I’ll admit, I’m the type A personality type that really feels rejuvenated in completing tasks.  Cleaning closets, donating clothing, cleaning out the refrigerator… it’s like it releases endorphins for me.  Is anyone else like this or am I the only cuckoo cleaning one?

I snagged this dress and this dress this week for under $36 a piece – a rare markdown.  Felt like a rare gem of a deal.  I’ve been ordering various parts and pieces for our master bathroom remodel coming soon and wow, those of you who have remodeled homes?  My hat is off.  There are so many details that go into home redesign and building.  It’s definitely not my strength, God bless.

That’s about all I’ve got this week.  I’m hoping to spend some time in the sunshine this weekend, and I’ll be making a special announcement on Sunday about my Amazon The Drop launch, so stay tuned on social media for that!  Thank you so much for reading – XO –

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  1. Oh I’ve been debating purchasing those Birdies! Do you love them? Do they fit ok? I’m worried it may be too much toe cleavage!

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