mackenzie childs barn sale

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Now THIS is something unique!  Usually MacKenzie-Childs has a Barn Sale that is in-person only in Aurora, New York.  This is the first year that the sale has been brought online, and it is a major opportunity to snag some of these gorgeous and classic pieces at a major discount!

They have many beautiful collections, like Royal Check, Flower Market and Parchment Check.  But my favorite is the oh-so-classic Courtly Check.  I have so many pieces throughout our home, and it reminds me of those special treat yourself moments.  My mom always cherished her MacKenzie-Childs pieces, and when we would travel to New York she would often bring us with her to pop into the store on West Broadway.

I had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters in Aurora (posts here and here), and after seeing how each piece is so carefully curated and created… I’m as big of a fan as ever.

Some of my favorite pieces that are just as functional as they are beautiful are the classic tea kettle, casserole dishes, planters and pet bowls.  I don’t own the canisters personally but I always love how beautiful they are on countertops.  I love all of their cookware like the pots and casserole pans with lids (I love using these for pastas or anything with a sauce).  These ice cream bowls are so great for snacks (apple slices, grapes, chips, etc.) and this butter dish is beyond fab.  They’re so beautiful and I think adding a few pieces to your kitchen is just the cherry on top.

Are you a fan or familiar with M-C?  I’d love to hear if you have any special pieces in your home!  Sales like this on their site are extremely rare, so I just had to round up some of my favorite picks.  But there are SO many beautiful pieces, I’d encourage you to thumb through!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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4 thoughts on “MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale

  1. Thanks for putting this awesome sale on my radar. I have admired the brand for a long time and finally purchased my first piece. So excited to begin my collection. 🙂

  2. I recently made my very first purchase and got a tea kettle, spoon holder, and large bowl in the royal check! I love them so much! It was a quarantine treat myself purchase haha!

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