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Whenever you guys submit questions for our monthly Q&A’s, what I eat in a day is always asked a few times.  I’ve never answered it before because like most of us, there’s not a routine day.  Some days I am constantly hungry and eat everything.  Other times I am busy and don’t find as much time to sit down.  I also am not a nutritionist and don’t want to assume as much!

But I understand that it’s interesting to see what other people are eating and cooking, mostly because it gives ideas.  And with the monotonous vibe of 2020, we could all use some ideas, right?

For breakfast, I have two cups of coffee with non-dairy creamer (any plain almond creamer works for me).  If I am not that hungry, I’ll wait until around noon to have lunch.  If I am really hungry, around 10AM I’ll have a snack.

Some of my favorite healthy snacks are fruit, laughing cow cheese on a rice cake or egg salad with pickles on nut crackers.  But sometimes I’m not in the mood to be healthy, and that’s when a snack pack of chips comes into play.  Christian actually gave me a big bag of mixed doritos and cheetos snack packs as a gift recently (LOLOL) because he knew it would be something I loved that I wouldn’t buy for myself.  And it has gotten me in trouble because every time I want to eat like… 3 bags!

On other days I want something equally less healthy, I try to keep it around 250-300 calories or less.  I also love this for a healthy snack.

snack ideas

Then comes lunch.  For lunch I’ll eat something that I’ve meal prepped like this quinoa salad over arugula with feta cheese or a veggie quiche with some extra fruit or veggies on the side.  Or I’ll just warm up some leftovers like veggie fajitas.

lunch ideas

I spend the most time (and also probably eat the most) at dinner.  I usually pick the week’s meals on a Sunday or Monday and then I’ll write them on our large breakfast room chalkboard so we know what our options are.  Each night we do the “_______ or ______?” dance.  I love this juicy baked chicken breast recipe with roasted veggies and brown rice.  I also love throwing chicken breasts in the crockpot and doing bbq chicken (so easy).  Other go-to’s are fajitas or tacos (I fill the tacos and pop them in the oven for a few minutes.)  And any kind of pasta is always on the menu.  My favorite recipes are this one and this one!
dinner ideas

Nothing too fancy and forgive the real time photos – but this is as honest as it gets!  Oh – and one more confession: I usually have a Diet Coke with lunch.  I know, I know… but it brings me joy and I just let it be.  It’s the little things, and it could be worse, right?

Would love to hear an easy go-to lunch or dinner idea in your house!  Thanks so much for reading and you can find more recipes in the “food + drink” category of this site. XO –

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12 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day

  1. Thanks as always for giving us a peak into your lovely life! I love how thoughtful (and obviously smart) you are in all your decision making. Just wondering, do you try not to snack between meals or after dinner? And no dessert? Asking for a friend, of course I certainly don’t have dessert every single night, hahaha.

    1. I’m just personally not a big snacker or sweets person. I try to serve myself larger portions at meal times that will keep me full until the next meal. But that’s just how I feel best – I know some prefer lots of small meals.

      1. Thanks Kathleen, I recently read that’s a better to eat that way, sort of along the lines of intermittent fasting – that spacing out your consumption allows your body to more efficiently process food, so you’ve inspired me to see if I can change my munchie ways!

  2. I love this! Thank you for keeping it real. The picture of the Cheetos is EVERYTHING. Question! How often do you drink wine/alcohol? How many days a week approx?

    1. It’s not consistent (some weeks 1 and other weeks 7)! But when I do have a drink it’s usually tequila with lime or wine –

  3. When my children were growing up I cooked every night … but as they got older and they had sports etc on Friday nights and we were out on Saturday evenings with or without them on Thursdays I would get everything out of the fridge left over from Sunday thru Thursday eves and make either omelette of soft shell tacos with all the leftovers… really worked and avoided the waste which I HATE… worked really well and was fun!!… grown children now… miss those days but also enjoy the moments now:-)…. have a grand baby a year old…blessings to you as you maneuver a truly fab time of your life!

  4. Your Veggie Burrito Bowl (with either Ground Turkey or Grilled Chicken) is one of our favorite go-to meals! It’s so easy and all of us, including our two year old and nine month old, love it. Thank you for sharing more recipes and for making our residency days + nights a little easier!

  5. Saw your crock pot chicken recipe, if you don’t already, shred your chicken in the Kitchen-Aid Mixer with the whisk attachment. It will change your life!!

    1. I’ve done this before but the consistency is different… I may be the only person who prefers a two-fork shred. But I know people swear by it!

  6. Oh, this the content I live for- I love seeing what others eat. I have always been especially curious to see what the Real Housewives have on their plates when they film at restaurants. Or trying to see what kind of delicious salads the Kardashians are always eating 🙂

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