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I’ve been mentioning to you guys on Instagram since last fall that Christian and I had chosen to reset my wedding rings.  Christian originally designed the engagement ring (which is discussed in detail here), and I absolutely loved it.  It was so personal and thoughtful.

But my cushion cut center stone continuously got loose.  I have had the prongs tightened literally all over the country and even replaced the prongs with larger platinum prongs in Huntington Beach.  But once a jeweler recommended another set of double platinum prongs… I start to rethink things.

Christian and I discussed the cost of a third set of platinum prongs in 8 years or the cost of using all of the same diamonds to reset the ring entirely.  He had always shared how the setting didn’t turn out as delicate as he had originally intended, and after weighing both options, we chose to reset the ring.  And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love the new setting.  I loved the previous setting as well, but I actually feel like I got an entirely new diamond.  The new setting allows the center stone to “pop” much more so than the previous design.  It is wild how much a new setting can completely change and revamp the style of your diamond!

I connected with Cameron of Albriton’s Jewelry in Jackson, Mississippi.  Albriton’s is a very well known jewelry store in Mississippi – they’ve been family owned and operated for over 100 years.  So I definitely trusted them fully to help me achieve the end results I was looking for.  We spoke over the phone for the goals of resetting my ring and then designed the entire ring with Fana over phone and email over the next few months.  The entire process was so streamlined and quick, I was honestly shocked.

I wanted to see their new location when we visited Mississippi in March for Hudson’s baptism, so we stopped in and wow!  If you are able, their store is beautiful.  They have an entire private wing for engagement ring shopping so it feels completely private.  A major bonus for any gentlemen looking to ring shop, if you know what I mean!

albritons jewelryalbritonsfana ringsfana bandsshopping for engagement ring

Once we started talking, Cameron felt Fana was the designer to partner with for our goals.  And once I checked out some of their pieces, there was no doubt about his choice.  I sent Cameron some inspiration photos and in a week or two we had some sketch options from Fana.

fana engagementfana

The hard part was deciding which route to go on the band of the engagement ring.  Ultimately I decided to keep it simple and went with the first design with a simple, delicate band.  When I received it in person… I was speechless.  Below is the original ring and wedding bands and then you’ll see the new design.  We combined the diamonds from my two matching bands to one infinity band that would complement the new engagement setting, and somehow we even ended up with 8 small diamonds leftover.

split shank bandengagement ring with haloengagement ring redesigncushion cut engagement ring

I wanted to share this process because once the stone kept getting loose, for years I thought, “maybe I’ll redesign my ring for our 10 year anniversary.”  There was a period I went almost a year without wearing it.  A year!  Which is crazy.  I could have put a third set of prongs on, but instead we just overhauled the full design and I couldn’t be happier.  The more delicate band makes the center stone appear larger, and as a whole it just feels like a completely different ring.

I keep telling Christian how happy I am that we used all of the same stones.  It really makes me feel like the original ring is still there, just in a stronger setting that allows me to wear it daily without any hesitation or worry.

albriton jewelerssapphires

So many of you have similar situations or have engagement rings you’ve considered redesigning.  This process was so smooth and swift. I loved working with Albriton’s and Fana, and feel confident recommending them to anyone considering taking on this process.  Again, we did everything over phone and email.  So you can live anywhere and work with them!

Prices will vary depending on what you want to do.  If you have been wanting to take on a ring redesign (or design a completely new ring with new stones) and want to inquire about the process or price estimates, you can contact Cameron at Albriton’s at

Thanks so much for reading and please share any of your questions below! XO –

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11 thoughts on “Resetting Your Jewelry

  1. I was in the new Albriton’s a couple of months ago and it was STUNNING!! Cameron and Susannah are SO nice! I love seeing the two of you team up! 🙂 And the new ring is GORGE!!!!

  2. Your “new” ring looks amazing! Albriton’s has the most beautiful jewelry. It’s definitely one of those places where you want your future fiancé to be shopping for your ring! Cameron’s wife has such an awesome Instagram account herself –! I love seeing all the products she tries!

  3. I love your new setting! It’s so delicate and classic. I recently inherited my mom’s engagement ring and had it reset in white gold with sapphires on either side and wear it as my right hand ring. I love how it feels like I still have my parents with me, but it doesn’t look like an engagement ring like it would if I still had it as a round brilliant solitaire. Side note, I just read the blog post about your original ring and I would like to make it known that nasty Lisa in the comments is not me! I’ve loved your blog for years!

  4. LOVE the new design! So beautiful! May I ask, why did you switch from platinum to white gold?

    1. It was a suggestion of the jeweler to help the prongs stay stronger and keep my center stone in place (platinum is a little softer than gold). So far, so good!

  5. I had the same experience with my original split shank engagement ring. Two years ago, I had my engagement ring reset in almost the same setting that you chose! Yet again, I was faced with another repair and was done. I kept my original simple wedding band and anniversary bands. Love it!

    1. No it wasn’t sponsored – I like to share detailed posts about topics I get a lot of questions about and my engagement ring is one of them. However, when posts are sponsored it will be disclosed at the bottom of posts!

  6. Absolutely stunning ring!! Super curious about your signature white nails and what color that is. I have my engagement pictures this week and am thinking about choosing white for my nails. Thank you!! 🙂 🙂

  7. I like it MUCH better. I have a beautiful diamond circa 1910, a little over a carat. I almost lost the stone for the same reasons you are saying. I guess the prongs. I reset it with a thin band and only 4 prongs and the diamond looks bigger and so bright. It’s a D quality stone I think, great brilliance. Anyway, glad you’re happy. And so glad you never lost the center stone…

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