black lamps

– the sweetest flowers from friends –

pink and brown swimsuit

– a super cute bikini from Follow Suit that makes me want to get the inflatable pool back out! –

gold paint

– painting our downstairs powder room a little wacky and loving it (art by my mom) –

gray and black art

– my mom adding some details to a hallway painting –

kelly wearstler pillow

– updating our breakfast room chairs (with some lumbar pillows!) and lighting

It’s the weekend!!  This week was a busy one as I took some time off last week to spend with my parents who were visiting.  I felt like our visit went by so fast, I wish they were still here.  While they were here, Mom traced out a fun design on our powder room walls with chalk.  Then we painted over it with gold paint, and I think the end result is so fun.  And much more low-maintenance and less expensive than wallpaper.

This week involved a lot of catchup work, but it felt good to get caught up to speed.  I have always been someone who feels their best in a routine.  Confessions of a control freak.

Our master bathroom remodel actually begins Monday!  This week I was busy finalizing touches, chasing down the last few deliveries and emptying out our existing bathroom for demo day.  I will absolutely be sharing before and afters with you because trust me, it’s going to be a transformation.  Our bathroom is the only room in the house that hasn’t been touched since the house was originally built.  Therefore, it’s a total gut job.

It’s been way more time consuming than I anticipated, but I know it will be worth it.  I also feel like I’ve learned a lot about the process of renovations, some of lingo, etc.  In the long run, it has been a big learning experience.  When we bought this house last spring, I knew we would paint the exterior, update the exterior sidewalk and remodel this bathroom.  So when this bathroom is wrapped up, we will have tackled all three in our first year in this house.  And that brings me so much joy!

What I didn’t realize is how much time all of the decision making would take.  Hardware, mounts, bullnose trim, marble vs. porcelain, grout colors, custom cabinet measurements… so many decisions and therefore, so much research.  It has really made me in awe of people who can remodel an entire home.  My head hurts… it is not my gift or desire!

I finished season 3 of Search Party and wow – it was so good!  Christian didn’t enjoy it as much as I did, but I found it highly entertaining.  Have you watched anything good lately?  Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and thank you so much for reading – XO –

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8 thoughts on “Friday’s Five | Handpainting a Powder Room

  1. Just finished a Never Have I Ever on Netflix. A perfect show to watch while working out on the treadmill – light and funny. Now I’m onto Indian Matchmaking which is thoroughly entertaining!

  2. We’re starting two bathroom Reno’s this weekend and I’m slightly panicking! I’m right there with you, so many things to pick out. It’s not quite as “fun” of a process as I thought it would be.

    1. Robyn – I couldn’t say it better myself. EXACTLY. AGREE 100%. Good luck to you and here’s to seeing you on the other side with your beautiful bathrooms!!!

  3. I can’t wait to see pics of the bathroom! My parents are renovating their master bath and my Mom said it was a little overwhelming picking everything too. And finally someone else who loved Search Party! I thought it was hilarious and love that kind of humor. I saw it has been renewed for season 4 too! Oh and there is a new documentary called The Vow on HBO about that NXIVM cult and it looks really good.

    1. I had no idea it would be so much decision-making. Learning as I go, for sure! Will look into The Vow – thank you for that suggestion!

  4. Kathleeeeeen!
    hi! I seem to recall you shared details on the type of paint and method for the powder room but can’t seem to find it. Alas, here I am asking — hope your carpel tunnel doesn’t hate me for asking.

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